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Everyone Driving For Your Success, and today’s topic is about the economy. So if you think the economy is bad, if you’re listening to all of those circumstances where the economy is bad, then what occurs in your world is your economy gets bad. So your internal economy is more important than what anybody else is saying.

You get to choose your reality. You get to choose how you live. Now, the energy that you have to surround yourself with is the idea that people are taking action. If you surround yourself with people who are taking action, people who are going toward what they want, they’re taking, care of their energy. They’re surrounding themselves with happy, healthy, vibrant, vital people.

They’re looking forward as opposed to looking back, they’re saying when they hear something that seems just kind of absurd. They’re saying, let me take that in and see if that’s a true process that it’s gonna take a minute, cut the cords and look for your truth. So your economy is going to depend upon your energy, your mind, and the things that you’re doing while the world is going haywire. So what is your economy right now? What’s happening with your economy? And do you want a different result?

If you want a different result, you’re gonna have to do something different because when the outside world looks like they’re doing chaos and crazy and lack mentality, you can actually soar more. And my name’s Sheevaun Moran. You can go to for all kinds of cool free stuff and check us out. And if you really wanna get your economy going then go to Woolah.Life. Okay. See you soon to a better economy for you and your loved ones.

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