Finding Intimacy in Your Life  

What does intimacy mean to you?
What does intimacy mean to you?

Intimacy means close familiarity or friendship but when people think about intimacy they are usually thinking about romantic relationships. While intimacy certainly can refer to sexual acts, the concept extends way beyond that; a person can find intimacy in nature, in God, emotional intimacy within themselves, intimacy in love and marriage, and more. But how?

Letting Others Open Their Heart to You

The key to intimacy, whomever it is with or whatever it is in regards to, is acceptance. When you accept, you not only allow another person to “see” into you but you also take the responsibility of “seeing” into them – this requires acceptance of both yourself and the other person. Essentially, you must provide others with a safe place before intimacy is possible. In some cases, this will mean providing yourself with a safe place and embracing self-acceptance first.

Remember that developing intimacy also takes commitment, time and focus. You cannot become intimate with nature or God if you are distracted from them; you cannot become intimate with your partner if you are constantly focused on your phone, the TV, or other happenings. Take the time to tune in to whatever you should be focusing on.

Find Intimacy in Your Life.


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