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Everyone Sheevaun here Driving For Your Success. I think this is an important topic for you. If you find yourself, you know, wanting to quit, wanting to hide, wanting to feel more motivated because those happen, those moments happen. It happens to everybody and hiding is a result of things that have been going on in the past couple of years. And quitting is often a result of, not committing fully to the end result that you want to get and giving up before you are really about to achieve it, and really not willing to tinker with the idea so that it can come about and become real.

Think about Walt Disney, he tinkered with his idea for theme parks. You didn’t have a fully 100% flushed out the first time. It’s just, he pitched and pitched and pitched and pitched and pitched and pitched and kept tinkering with it until it became a full-fledged really cohesive idea that he could get in front of people that they could buy into. And so the thing that you may be experiencing with hiding or quitting or giving up or lack of motivation comes from allowing your emotions to take charge of you rather than the end result and the discipline. So something that’s super important.

A friend of mine from a long time ago, is a trainer for people who want to go through the experience of boot camp, meaning high-end boot camp, meaning the boot camp that the seals and the elites go through. And he has this amazing process. He said, most people actually just drop out because one, they don’t know how to play with a team. They don’t know how to stick with it and get to the other side. And they give up a little sooner than they possibly could. They let their emotions control them rather than the end result. And the people who really make it through are the people who are committed to the end result, no matter what happens. And I get it, it takes a lot to be committed to that end result.

Stuff’s gonna come up on that journey to the end result. Stuff’s gonna come up, family things, help things, buying things, quitting things, but discipline is the thing that gives you the ability to shift and go for that end result. Also having help along that journey, you know, being around people that are committed to their end result. Being guided by somebody who can take your hand and, you know, nudge you through, push you through or give you a kick in the pants through to the end result.

Hey, my name is Sheevaun Moran and I invite you to your end result and get out of your own stuckness, go to And there are all kinds of cool things on the website there, choose your own adventure there, and let’s get you out there doing what you’re here to do, prospering in a much better, healthier, and aligned way and achieving that end result without so much of the giving up or the quitting. So have an awesome day and do me a favor, share this and or subscribe. Thanks so much. Have a great day.



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