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Everyone Sheevaun here, Driving For Your Success. I think the topic that is useful today is to talk about the I we conversation. So there’s a lot of conflict and turmoil and friction between every human that’s out there. I mean, geez, there’s so much. I, I, I, and I know everybody really wants to feel the we, and that takes a bit of a bridge because that means you have to actually listen to the person on the other side of you and you have to hear them in a different way. You have to change the rhythm of your breathing, and you have to slow things down so that what can occur is you can actually hear them on different levels.

You can hear them more in the energy. You can hear them in their tone. You can hear them in their wound. You can hear them, you can hear them. And so if you are looking to insert an eye somewhere, the we in the conversation will really fall by the wayside. And if you’re looking from a place of pride and self delusion, it’s easy to get into. I want to, I need to, I, I, I, and the truth of the matter is you have an opportunity to really make good connections by allowing the we and the we is you and the other person, having that conversation and finding good questions, good questions would be… Is there something new that you’d like to see occur from that and leave, help, the why, and the house, and really look at, is there something that you can see that maybe could give us both some benefit, and really these are more energetic questions.

These are questions that are gonna get deeper and probably put the person on the spot, but you’re gonna have to wait for their answer. And the challenge with smart people is it’s easy to not wait for the answer. I find myself doing that sometimes, and I really have to step back. I, I, I have to step back so that I can get into the we and look at the energy and see another higher, more beautiful, elegant truth.

So my name’s Sheevaun Moran go to and let’s have some more we conversations. And one of the we conversations to have is to subscribe today. Okay, thanks. Have a great day.

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