Helping Entrepreneurs Desirous Of Making Big Impacts.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned in that time helping Entrepreneurs desirous of making big impacts. 

  1. They have learned that they think faster than others
  2. Found out they need to spend more time communicating
  3. Are able to be more direct and authentic
  4. They love to work with people who uplift them, even if its a new idea or challenging
  5. Play the short-term and long-range goals like a high-wire balancing expert
  6. They look to work with people who are in their zone of genius
  7. Want to help uplift their team
  8. Knowing the next level isn’t easy
  9. Are willing to look at their energy and its misuses
  10. Seems like it’s all or nothing but are looking for ease and flow
  11. Want systems and structures but know that their attitude can make or break these
  12. Love the challenge
  13. Handle huge amounts of data, information, and tasks 
  14. All need to learn to be better parents
  15. Each has been willing to step up but always steps back, yet willing to be shown the way to step up again and again
  16. Willing to learn
  17. Ready to learn the difference between urgency and burn-out and emergency
  18. Acting from resentment, helplessness or victim will take away everything you’ve ever worked for.
  19. Don’t always outwardly express their gratitude and express it outwardly
  20. Revisit their bag of “Why’s” regularly
  21. No endpoint even if they have one endpoint and are ready to step into another challenge
  22. Want to experience more health, happiness, fun, time, and positive energies
  23. Ready…they’re ready in the most curious ways

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