How to be Deserving

How to be Deserving | Driving for Your Success | Sheevaun Moran

I have been talking with one of my clients who has worked with me off and on over the years and there are two things that I think are helpful for you. One of those two things is that she stopped taking decisive action. The other thing that she stopped doing was she stopped being deserving. There were a couple of traumas and couple of things that had gone on in her in her life. She really started small, or shrinking herself, is what I’m trying to say. As she was shrinking herself, she was shrinking her business, she was shrinking her clientele. We do these things and we don’t allow somebody to help us unlock them and really reveal them and take that next step because decisive action and being deserving really are big catalysts for us to make a unique mark and really accelerate and ignite our prosperity.

My name’s Sheevaun Moran, and that is one of my ninja jet skills. If you feel inspired by this and really have something to say about deservingness and what’s going on in your world, comment below, love to hear your comments. That would be super helpful for you and me. You can find me at and if you want to have a conversation and you really feel inspired by this and want to unlock that, “deservingness”, then reach out to us over there and of course! Subscribe and share as you feel fit. Thanks so much! Have an awesome day!

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