How to Win in A Recession

Everyone Sheevaun Moran here, I thought I’d hop in for a quick minute and talk a little bit about how a lot of people are thinking, this is doom and gloom, that this is a bad economy, that things are getting worse, that the stock market is doing this and cryptos down. And here’s a perspective that I want you to consider with the planet and the energy and all of the things that are going on on the planet. There are a couple ways to view things. There are a couple ways that are gonna be beneficial for you to view things even differently than you might already. You may be rolling your eyes. You may be thinking, here we go again. You may fall into the trap of, oh my God, my 401k lost so so much money, but you know, you may be falling into the trap of, I don’t have enough lack thinking, lack, mentality, fear, mentality, and that’s common.

That’s a common recurring repetitive cycle that we have been in for quite some time. And the truth of the matter is a couple different pieces. If you’re an entrepreneur or you have a side hustle, or you’re about to start a side hustle now is when so many things are opening up and popping and available for you. It’s easier today to start a business and make money online. Then when I first started, when I first started, it was super complicated and it, oh my goodness, the tools and the systems was not as easy as they are today. And the opportunities actually were pretty limited. And so today we have so many ways to serve and help and deliver and share our product, share an idea, share our service, and really put our work out there and get rewarded for it. One of the ways that we must do that is we must first deal with our internal drama dilemmas and negativity. We are programmed to deal with chaos and criticism, and we’re programmed to look for chaos and criticism and focus on that. Well, too much focus on that chaos and criticism is going to keep us in chaos and criticism. It’s gonna keep us in a downward trend and the people who thrive and survive during these times are people who look for upward trends and who are doing work and opting into videos and little trainings like this, and stepping into a new form, a new vision and new version of themselves,

Because this is when the coolest stuff occurs. If you look at any time in history, when the dips occur is when the greatest amount of prosperity actually starts to bubble up and prove forward. And that’s a really exciting thing, but that’s not what the news is gonna tell you. That’s not what the economists are gonna stay and they’re gonna stay in their lane and they’re gonna stay focused on the problem. And if you’re an entrepreneur or a side hustler, or you, you want to think more positive and you want to get further ahead in your career, then now is your chance to really dive into the, to the inner workings of you, to the inner workings of where does that, lack and difficulty and problem lie within you so that you can bring that forth. And we can burst that out into something wonderful and abundant.

Cuz if you are willing to do that, your next product, your next launch, your next service offering the service offering that you already have actually can expand and grow into something more elegant and beautiful. You just have to be willing to go there and do it. And so the sky isn’t falling, the abundant it falling. The abundance is actually there. The gas prices I understand they’re the gas prices and they’re going to change what goes up, must come down. There’s so many upheavals, but you get to choose the way you go, the choices, the way you think, and you get to choose what your future looks like. If you look at your present as what you were already doing up to this point in time, then you chose to get to this point in time. Now let’s choose a whole new version of you and that could be integrating your spirituality and understanding how spirituality and success come together.

It could be really looking for places where you can be of service and be rewarded with income and your influence can increase what wacky random idea you have that you need help with in order to get that out there in the world and monetize it. And so I want you to know that doom and gloom is dud and der. And so the idea that I want you to take away from this little video is maybe you need a lift up. Maybe you need a hand out of the mud. Maybe you need a hand to get to the top of the mountain or the hill. Maybe you just needed this boost in confidence from this little video, but no, there is more here available and possible in the realm of prosperity that you get to focus on and allow. One of the things I found is most people allow only poverty and lack and worry and fear and anxiety.

They actually don’t focus on the allowing of prosperity and peace and abundance and thriving and goodness and receiving and achieving, and forgiveness and love and again, prosperity. So this is my little message to you. I’m here to serve. I’m here to help. I really wanna be of value during this time and really get you to another shore. On another side of where you are, not exactly where you want to be at this moment, you can go to and there’s a little button there that is about chat and choose that. If you wanna set up a time to chat, it’ll be me. Yes, it will be me on the call. I am very service driven. So now’s your turn. Now’s your time. And let’s step it up and invite that abundance in and allow more of that into our lives. We have the opportune time. You’re here listening to this. Let’s take the next step. There’ll be a link below. There’ll be a link on the screen. So click on that and namaste, I’ll see you soon.



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