Key To Transforming Yourself

Key to Transforming Yourself | Driving for Your Success | Sheevaun Moran

Hey everyone, Sheevaun here, Driving for Your Success! We were talking the other day with a group and the funny thing was everybody wanted these great big leaps ahead and they wanted all of this really good, massive success and they wanted it suddenly. I said, listen, here’s something that’s really fascinating that I want you to hear. You may want the giant leap, but it’s actually the little bits of transformation, meaning the small aspects of transformation that are going to get you the big leaps because you will get to do elite by promise. At least the people that work with me, they get to do big leaps, yet the little bits of transformation, the daily shift, the daily reading of chatter, rooting of chaos, the daily clarity points, the daily opportunities to step into a yes with a client or a prospect or sale.

Whereas you stuck in the I need a big leap. I need to be ugly. The only way it’s going to look good, and the only way it’s gonna work for me is a big leap. The truth of the matter is we actually need little bits of self improvement. We need some self-improvement pieces and marketing says, oh no, don’t go after self improvement. The truth of the matter is if we don’t do little bits of self improvement, there’s no way we’re going to get the big bits. So, it’s just kind of like somebody winning the lottery. You get that great big giant leap. You don’t have the energetic container of success to really hold that for a long period of time.

What I want to teach you to do is, and I want to make sure that you get access to all the videos here, but really subscribe and really fix that foundation. Fix the foundation of how you speak about money, how you think about money. How do you think about energy and prosperity, how you think about having a conversation with somebody that could or could not be a sale. How are you even introverted? I mean, truth is, I’m kind of pretty introverted. What I know that I’m here to do is to help you get to your mission, share your voice, share your message, get your work out there in a way that is meaningful, that has a true message that aligns with you, and that is going to bring you deep lasting prosperity. That’s the only kind of prosperity I want for you. If you want to SUBSCRIBE or SHARE! I would be so grateful. I know somebody else would get such value for it. You know it’s giving that we receive. So here’s my gift to you. Have an awesome day and a transform a little bit today. Drink a little bit of water, have another sip. Think about something positive and happy that has happened for you before you go to bed and have appreciation for something that is going right, maybe even not going right. Appreciate it, because it’s going to open a new window and a new door for you! See you soon!

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