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Hey, hey, hey. It’s that time of year when the last few months of the year are about what can you do to make or shift or transform your abundance into the greatest opportunity ever. Here’s something that’s a really fascinating fact. Statistics show that people buy more at this time of year than at any other time. They buy for themselves, they buy for family, they buy for friends, and they buy for the transformation that they’ve been waiting for. And the fascinating thing about this is we are not considering as business owners how to really position our energy, our alignment, our thoughts, our ideas, our brands, and our communications so that people know how to say yes. And when people know how to say yes, we have an opportunity to help them help themselves in their life.

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Meaning, if you can be a teacher, it’s better than just fishing for somebody. If you can teach somebody to fish, it’s amazing what they can go out and do on their own. And the opportunity that you have at this time of year is to overcome the headlines and really take a different look and perspective as to what your own economy is going to look like. What would your economy look like if you chose your economy to be different than the way the news or everybody is preaching, that you know, all of these things are affecting you, prices and all, all of these things are affecting you?

It’s not that they’re not affecting you. I get it. However you get to choose your experience, is it going to be something that is going to help you make better choices? Is it going to be something where you’re going to grow your business so that you can get above and beyond that? So choose your economy, choose how you’re gonna think about it. My name’s Sheevaun Moran. Go to and check out all the cool stuff. Lots of cool stuff, lots of free cool stuff, and, look forward to seeing you inside.

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