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Success Beyond the Inner Critic

When you’re trying to accomplish something big, you probably have the what and why but rarely the how . . . which makes the roadmap to achieving your goals far from obvious.

It can seem scary to know the supposed exact path and what you’ll do next. 

The surgeon general of the United States just wrote a book about one of the most paralyzing pieces of health and success…it’s all about the fear of the unknown. 

It is said the it’s the fear of the unknown is the cornerstone of the fears but really it’s the fear of being unseen and not living up to ones potential.

Most people settle for the mundane because that is safe and what society, at least most of them, say is best. 

Motivation for your dreams needs to come from urgency. It’s the urgency that we have when we’re faced with uncertainty and no clear step ahead that is one of the actual true motivators…

that is, if you allow it to motivate you.

Your goal is to find ONE goal and achieve clarity around that so that you are motivated by the right circumstance. This is the FIRST step.

IT does not mean you need to have everything figured out…

It  means you’re clear on the next step or two.

Let’s say you’re at mile marker 1 and your dream is at mile marker 50 . . . You just need enough information and support to get to mile marker 3 or 4. Once you get there, you’ll need further instructions.

When you get to the next step, you’ll be able to ask better questions. You’ll be able to better assess how to get to mile marker 5, 6, 7, or 8. 

Here’s how to move forward with your big goal right now:

  1. Know the What and Why before you know the How. (You must start with being absolutely clear about what you want and why you must achieve it.)
  2. A hard and unmovable timeline. 
  3. The right tools and systems.
  4. The right energy
  5. The right mind space and mindset
  6. A coach/mentor for guidance (blueprint for success).
  7. A support and accountability structure. 

Negative self-talk often seeps in when we’re scared to do something. 

It’s the relentless banter you hear inside your head—that ego-clinging Gremlin (a.k.a inner critic) that’s responsible for what you do and do not do.

Inner gremlins/saboteurs feed off of our obsessions and fears. They relish our feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and depression. And they encourage “bad” habits that often lead us into addiction. 

Unfortunately, we most often believe the negative self-talk we hear is true. But the reality is that the inner critic is just reinforcing our conditioned set point, limiting beliefs, and inner money blueprint we’ve used to form a disempowering pattern and habit loop. 

Fortunately, you can start to develop strong energetic patterns for success when you heal and release the inner critic and learn how to communicate with yourself and those outside of you in a compassionate and empowering way.

Are you ready to release the self-talk that keeps you from achieving your goals and dreams?

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