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How to PERFORM UNDER PRESSURE when you have to meet your deadline

Feeling Stressed? Overwhelmed? Maybe your anxiety is in overdrive? Here are 10 Ways To Perform Under Pressure

Imagine you’ve just been given a project by a client or employer. That’s fine, you think. Then they tell you it has been done by the end of the work day…TODAY.

And it’s already 1:00 p.m.
You don’t think you can make it.
You start to panic.
Your heart is beating fast.
You know you don’t have time.
You don’t know what to do or where to start.
You tell yourself you don’t do well performing under pressure.

Most of us have to perform under pressure at some point in our careers. Below are ways of taking contrary action that will keep you calm instead of freaking out, feeling sick to your stomach and that your business or career is in jeopardy? Please read, and keep a copy on hand so you know what to do next time.


  1. Ask your client or boss if they will be reviewing the work that evening? If not, ask if you get the completed work to them first thing in the morning the following day. This will give you the GIFT OF MORE TIME. Although it’s not ideal, you can work all evening and get it done and submitted in the early morning hours if necessary.
  2. If they’re adamant that the work has to be done by the close of business THAT DAY,
    don’t allow yourself to PROCRASTINATE if that’s your chosen way of dealing with
  3. If you HAVE to perform under pressure, set aside less important tasks. If you’ve promised you’d have something done that day, shoot a quick email or text to that person apologizing and saying you have an emergency you have to deal with and will get to it tomorrow. (Don’t tell another client you have a deadline!)
  4. Stay calm. Stop your negative thinking by taking a deep inhale and deep exhale. Keep doing this until your head is clear. I DON’T HAVE TIME for that, you may think in your fight-or-flight-addled brain. When you’re in a panic, your brain isn’t going to be much help. That’s why you need to take some deep breaths. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but you may be surprised at how much you can get done when your mind is clear.
  5. Now that you’re calm (hopefully!), GET ORGANIZED. Break down the project into several smaller tasks.
  6. Review each task and delegate any that you can. Contact each person to whom you are delegating, be charming, and tell them the time you need this. If you can’t get hold of anyone, or there isn’t anyone else to help you, keep it on your task list.
  7. FOCUS on each task, ONE-AT-A-TIME. It may help, psychologically, if you place a ruler
    under the task, you’re working on so that’s all you can see.
  8. Once you’ve completed each task (or a delegated task has been completed), check it off. I
    like to line through it and add a checkmark. It will give you a sense of control and confidence that you CAN get this done on time. Also, seeing your progress will help calm you down.
  9. AVOID PERFECTIONISM that’s only going to cost you more time you don’t have. For
    the future, when you have to perform under pressure, remember this deceptively simple
    quote by the great Dr. Abraham Low:

Lower Your Standards and Your Performance Will Rise

    If you’re as good as I believe you are, “your average,” is going to be the same as “someone else’s best.” I kept this quote on the wall of my office to remind me and it works. “My average” is pretty darn good!

    10. When you’re done and have a minute to catch your breath, review what went well and what didn’t and keep both in mind for the next situation when you have to perform under pressure.

In a worst-case scenario…when you 100% know you can’t finish in time to meet the deadline…
COMMUNICATE this to your client or boss SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. Don’t wait till the last minute or send unfinished or sub-par work. In this event, (actually IN ANY EVENT), DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP and CALL YOURSELF DEROGATORY NAMES.

It may just be that the request was UNREALISTIC, so don’t blame yourself.

But, I see you doing brilliantly by following these tips! Staying calm and being organized will go a long way in helping you perform under pressure. Keep them handy for the next time you have to perform under pressure!



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