Stuck in the Yuck and Muck? Quick Tips to Get You Out of Emotional Chaos

You know how life… throws us a curve (curveballs) or we feel a bit (or a lot) blindsided, it may cause us to collapse into uncomfortable emotional chaos.

the curvy road we take when in emotional chaos

Just this morning I was speaking with this one on one client, Ben. He expressed that his life was good…great even. He’d sold his company and was getting married to someone he loved very much. While having those positive aspects of life, he still needed to get something moving as his financial plans were pressuring him.

What brought my client to this point? He’d taken the road of, ‘I’ll hang back and it will all work out and people will pay me once they value me attitude’.

It’s kinda the way it should be right?

But, sad to say…It’s the surest way to feel lost, emotionally chaotic and like a fraudulent failure.

I call muck (drama and chaos) poopieville. You don’t have to, but you get the picture.

But… you don’t have to fall into the muck and the yuck and the emotional chaos. You see there is a process that you need to get things moving the way you want.

Suffering is optional. Let me say that again… Suffering Is 100% Optional! Here are a few ways to get beyond those wonky decisions and create a new chain of events that serve you.

Discern between thoughts, words, and actions that cause harm and those that do not. Then act accordingly.

How does one discern, I was asked in the podcast interview I just had an hour ago. I said that to discern is to marry the idea in 5 milliseconds before the brain has the idea to quit or talk you out of it.

Feeling disappointed or overwhelmed with life?

Stop what you’re doing right then, right in that exact moment and breathe. Do some physical activity to help get your positive energy flowing.

Say, “I’m grateful for this little treasure of yuck.”

Then start allowing yourself to see that gain and loss are equal. When you do this you can derive insight from each.

Change one thing you keep telling yourself that is negative.

Just one new and different word sets you on the path to more positive energy and results.

Disconnect from other negative people in your life.

Ok so I don’t mean permanently, but for a bit while you’re regaining your strength.

Let go of the hurts of past quickly and completely. You can and you must do this! Here is a video tool to help with this:

Don’t know how and where to start? Maybe you want a guide, a gentle loving kick, or the exact steps to get things moving?

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