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Everyone Sheevaun’s here Driving For Your Success. And here’s a weird little tip. It’s so sensical, meaning you know this, but do you do it? Here’s something interesting. Do you walk around smiling or generally smiling from the inside out? That’s a really big thing that I know that people seem to respond to me in ways of smiling back.

I want to encourage you to arrive with a smile on your face to text when you’re smiling to pause a moment when you’re writing emails to, you know, have your phone in front of your face and smile. Cause you know, I mean there’s all of these down tread and faces that I see always focused on things. And I think we’re losing our sense of smile. And when you smile on your face, your heart lightens up, and your mind actually gets uplifted and brighter.

Your thoughts become happier and more possible. And so smile a lot more smile at people. And if they look at you weird, so what, you know, smile more it’s what can you do in your world to walk around with a smile in your heart? So that can come out into the world. A weird little tip, but it’s going to yield you a lot of wonderful connections and actually you’re gonna feel better. Hey, my name’s Sheevaun Moran go to For more cool information and subscribe below. Thank you very much. See you soon.

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