The Little Steps And Little Things

It’s in the little steps and little things.

Nothing is fun and sexy about taking small steps or slowly moving to get to the finish line or your goals, but the funny thing is that it’s the tiny steps that we take that get us to the finish line. To take a smaller step is to move with care and deliberation. That is the real work that doesn’t seem cool or real.

There’s a wonderful principle in this story often told by Warren Buffett and many magnets of the industrial age. First, the magic penny. You may have heard the story before, but it’s truly remarkable and Warren describes it brilliantly. Two choices: I’ll give you $3 million in cash today (bam!) or, I’ll give you a penny and double it every day for 31 days. Which would you prefer? Let’s say you take the $3 million now and your friend opts for the doubling penny.

If you take that $3 million today, you look pretty smart on Day 1 when your friend gets a penny. You also look pretty smart on Day 5 when your friend gets 16 cents. On Day 10 when he gets $5.12. (He may be feeling a little lame at that point wondering what he did.) 20 days later and your friend is only up to $5,243. You’re feeling pretty good. Then the magic of the compound effect kicks in. Fast forward to Day 31. Your friend gets $10,737,418.24 to your $3 million.

The Compound Effect. It’s huge.
“Very few things are as amazingly impressive as the “magic” of compounding pennies. Amazingly, this “force” is equally powerful in every area of your life.”

This small step conversation is worth applying…so long as you stay the course. The thing about staying the course is that after the glitter wears off and the initial excitement is over is when most people quit. The unconscious is adept at getting you to slide back and quit and this is when we have to retrain it. Want to retrain it for health? This can help. Maybe you want prosperity. This is a ticket to reset your brain and mind. The value of a process or system is beyond measure and gives you the ability to find the path you need to Unleash Your Prosperity can be found here.

Take a step, even if it’s a small one, because these are the times when you have the chance to turn things around that you’ve been postponing.

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