The Skinny on Success

There’s Moolah in the Least Likely Places

It wasn’t long ago that I heard this from someone who was a business partner. 

They said, “There’s not any money in that business.”

While this is a valid statement for some, for others who have succeeded in such a business it’s completely wrong.

There are many factors to prosperity in a business🌟 but if one of those factors is about the mindset of lack, limitation, self-servingness, and finding excuses then most assuredly there wouldn’t be money in the business. 

You see your energy, your mind, your thoughts, your activity, and your centeredness all play key roles in the success of a business.

One thing that is imperative with any business is the necessity to admit your limitations, take good advice and make it real and there is always an opportunity if you do ‘the work’. 

Well, the fact is…there’s always money, income, and prosperity in a business. 

Right now we’re seeing, on the other side of the world, a small country facing mighty obstacles. But they have been through this type of thing many times and are not giving up or giving in. I admire that sticktoitiveness. 

What is imperative is YOU, dear reader. 

You are the determining factor of where you’re going to go and what you’re going to receive. Yes, I said to receive. Because attracting something and doing what it takes to receive all the abundance inside is the good stuff. 

The good stuff is about diving into who you are at your center. 

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