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Everyone Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success and there’s something that happens in our minds, in the economy. There’s something that happens in our emotions. There’s something that happens in our finances and it’s called the pendulum effect and the pendulum effect means one side, you’re gonna go to one side and then you’re gonna go all the way to the other side. And most people just swing from side to side to side to side, and that pendulum effect is exhausting.

It is not very exhilarating and it gets you to really have so many bizarre thoughts and that pendulum effect is happening right now. It’s happening right now, all over, you’ve got war and then you’ve got violence in the streets, and then you’ve got people, you know, not agreeing with each other. And that’s the pendulum. There are two opposite sides, polar opposite sides.

So far from the other side of the pendulum and the pendulum that works the best is the one that’s in the middle. And in the ancient teachings, even in Buddhism, they talk about the sweet spot, the middle road, the middle path in Christian teachings, they teach, you know, straight as the gate, straight as the road that leads to the gate, right? And so the pendulum effect is about you and what you are doing with your energy, with your mind and your thoughts with relationships with your health.

Oftentimes we’ll feel better and then we’ll do everything we can to burn ourselves out and then we’ll feel really bad. And that pendulum effect going here and there and back and forth and back and forth is the most depleting, draining, exhausting thing that you could do to your mind, do to your body, and do to your soul for goodness sakes, um, let alone your business and your prosperity. So one of the ways to deal with this pendulum effect is to choose one area of your life.

That’s going to be consistent. And one of the ways to start with that is dealing with chaos, chaos in your environment, chaos or clutter in your world. One thing leads to another leads to another. Now, if you’re gonna try to do everything all at once, that’s gonna be playing into the pendulum effect. So you have to make a determination about how you’re going to acknowledge versus acknowledging the pendulum and that you’re in it and that you’re doing it. And then the second one is to act acknowledge act. And the third one and act is to Really take one step, not all steps, but one step to being better and shoring things up. And the third one is to accelerate.

Once you, once you acknowledge you act, and then you accelerate, then what occurs is you actually get closer to that middle path, middle evenness, rather than the ups and downs and ups and downs, you have to learn to not be addicted to drama. We watch shows television shows and movies because of the drama.

Well, the same thing we have to learn to not be addicted to it and be more of an observer of it. So my name is Sheevaun Moran go to and click around there are blogs. And there are all kinds of training. There’s a way to help you get more prosperity. There’s a way to help you get more clarity. There’s a way to help you meditate. There are actually 28 ways to help you meditate. There are books, I’ve got 16 books, so go to and, I’ll see you on the inside, and let’s get you going closer to the middle. Have an awesome day.

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