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Hey everyone, Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success. What is a blind spot? Well, you know what a car blind spot is, and those you tend to try to look around. Oftentimes we’re kind of lazy about that. And now cars like Teslas have things that can prevent you from missing out on that blind spot. But how do we do that on our own? And it’s really interesting.

There are a couple of things that accelerate and make our blind spots wider and bigger, meaning blind spots and relationships, blind spots and money, and blind spots in health. Oftentimes it’s a big blind spot in our health, meaning we’re not willing to do that extra little thing. We’re not willing to get out of our own way. We play into fear more than we play into fierce freedom.

We play into driving more and harnessing more and harshness rather than love and flow and ease and abundance and blind spots actually get to go from this too, ah, you have a lot more peripheral vision when you are in loving kindness, loving kindness, towards self-loving kindness, to a body part, a person who is frustrating the heck out of you, a circumstance that isn’t going quite right in your own world. So a blind spot doesn’t have to mean that you’re blind.

Maybe with your eyes. You may be blind maybe with your mind, you’re maybe blind, but you can really turn that around. Hey, I wonder, I think I might be able to, I wonder if that’s possible. What if it were possible? Those couple phrases actually open up the opportunity to find ease and your body your mind actually starts playing the game of, oh, I wonder if I wonder how I wonder, wonder, and then what you start to see is things get attracted to you.

So think of your blind spots, not as blind spots anymore, but a new way to proposition the question so that your brain actually opens its windows to a new way of being and achieving and interacting. Hey, go to SheevaunMoran.com and subscribe, subscribe, and I’ll get to see you on something amazing till then see you soon.

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