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Welcome into the Tree of Life Podcast, episode number eight. So we’ve been talking a lot about seeds and trees and roots and stuff like that. And I think the most important piece about being successful as a metaphor from the tree is thinking about a tree in a forest. Science has proven that the root systems of trees communicate with each other and when one tree is wounded, then the entire forest will feel it.

And that seems pretty deep and outrageous to our human mind.

But it affects us in so many ways in our own business. I remember interviewing for one of my other podcasts that I hosted, I remember interviewing the drummer for Aerosmith and he was saying how the reverberation would go out and then it would come back every time we would hit the drum, it would go out and it would come back to him and he was being like the tree that was really sending from the base of the root out into the audience. And then it would come back to him and feed him and he would just continue on.

And that’s an important metaphor as well because what we give, we will receive back so much more than what we give.

There’s also another interview that I recall from that time about trees. And I interviewed this very famous author who when he first started out after he graduated high school, was a clear cutter in Seattle for the forest. And he’d gotten his training. He’d gotten into the truck and he went up to his area where we were supposed to cut the tree. And he reported in on the podcast that he was so blown away by the energy of the tree when he turned on the chainsaw. He felt what he said is that it was almost as if the tree jumped back to try to get away from the chainsaw.

So this metaphor of the tree and the tree of life as how we grow and build a business is how foundation is important. Those roots are important. And generally what we’re happening to do too often is we’re pulling up the roots and trying to look at the results and success before the sprouts through the top of the earth kind of come up. So we’re really not allowing the roots to become deep and wide and really support a large tree.

So how has your business not very rooted, not grounded enough, in the idea or the prosperity or money or income or goal that you want to achieve or the vision that you have that is aligned with your values. How are the roots not fully there supporting you so that you can really take this groundedness and really, really grow this tree of a business into something big and wonderful.

And one of the ways that this seedling starts is it starts with the roots. But in a business, we tend to think that we should already have a result too soon. So if you really think about a forest and trees or an orchard and trees; it can start with one tree, but that one tree has to be solid and it has to be very sound and incredibly healthy and very well anchored and grounded and nurtured and all of that.

The essence of that tree all the way from the roots up into the out to the leaves is essential for a forest to grow and thrive. And if you think about your company and your business or even your idea, then you really want to say, “Hmm, where am I not fully grounded? Where is my vision off and out of alignment? Am I trying to do too many things? Do I have too many seedlings out there or not enough? I’m not watering them enough. I’m not nurturing them enough.” Meaning clients, opportunities, products.

Generally what we tend to do is we put too many things out there all at once when we’re starting or when we’re reemerging. And in this very interesting time on the planet, we actually get to re-emerge and we’re much more impatient for the reemergence to yield a result and a reward and income. And it can do just that. So long as the root system meaning the way you think, what you intend, who you bring on as staff or team, how you really treat others, how you’re willing to get out there and do whatever it takes and really get away from the mental laziness. Because one of the things about re-emerging and resetting or restarting or starting from fresh is we have a lot of mental laziness.

And that mental laziness gets us into profound difficulty thinking that somebody else should be taken care of it. Somebody else can do it, somebody else is handling it. And you as the owner or the leader really need to have your eyes on many more things. Until all of those branches are much more solid and fully formed so that they can bear weight and bear fruit.

So what is your forest going to look like? Is your forest going to be a small forest? That’s okay. Is it going to be a bigger forest? Is it going to be a giant forest? Do you have the mentality to allow it to be a giant forest? And the tricky thing is our aspirational ideas of, “Oh, I want him billion-dollar company. I want a multimillion-dollar company.” Oftentimes we’re not willing to do that aspirational idea work.

We’re not willing to take all of the steps or we’re not willing to take all of the steps to the end reward. And it’s okay.

But if you don’t have an intention of where it can go, then you will stay small. You will kind of be like a pigmy tree and you’ll, you’ll produce a few things, but then you’ll poop out and not really build that forest.

So really get yourself to visioning something bigger so that you can grow into it.

Tree metaphor, right? Grow into it. Grow the forest.

Remember what I said, all it takes is it start of one forest is one tree did is super well nurtured and cared for and anchored so that it can grow so that the rest can really thrive around it. Pretty profound.

And that means that you, the owner of the business maker, the leader, the founder, really need to be anchored in good health. Good mindset, good energy, because that’s going to show up in your business, that’s going to show up in your results, that’s going to show up in rewards or not-enoughness.

So if you want to reach out to us for more information, go to and we’d be willing to help you and get your forest vision grounded and really achieving the rewards that you see in your soul and your heart.

Let’s grow that forest.


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