Business Health: How to Have it and How to Keep it | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 3

Business Health isn’t just a monetary issue, it starts with you and spreads throughout your organization. Are you taking it seriously and are you keeping it on track? In this episode, we discuss how to keep your business health at an all-time high and keep it there.

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Business Health: How to Have it and How to Keep it| Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 3
Business Health: How to Have it and How to Keep it| Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 3

And our first episode of the Tree of Life Podcast, we talked about knowing the tree by the fruits, meaning you will know the tree by the success of the student, the client, et cetera. You will know the tree by the fruits and you’ll see examples of this and testimonials and case studies, et cetera. And then in our second episode, we talked about how the tree needs elements, particular elements, and the two key things that are necessary for all success. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re restarting. In this episode, we’re going to talk about business health, aka the health of the tree because this is the most critical piece of any business’s success. I’ll give you an example. I had a client come to me early on who was referred to me because he knew that I did turnarounds. He knew that I would, as many people would say, I sprinkle my magic fairy dust on them through our work together and that the company and the sales and the problems inside of the organization would turn around and he didn’t really know anything about me other than I practiced some protocols that are energetic.

He knew a little bit about that and he followed the law of attraction a little bit. And when we got deep into what was going on in his business, he had this technology that was similar to PayPal and they were kind of going head to head at the time. And the fascinating thing is everyone said his technology was better, but what was going on inside of his body and his brain and his relationships was chaos and turmoil and disease. He could barely walk. His breathing was labored. His relationship with his son, who was the IT guy, was super strained. And so all kinds of chaos started hitting the company. Things like their credit card processors all put them on hold. The board of directors started to do a coup and try to take over the company. It took us about 18 months to turn it around.

What do YOU have to do with your Business Health?

The unique proposition that I shared with him was it’s important that we make sure that your health is turned around as well as the board of directors, as well as the prosperity of the company. By that time he’d seen enough examples of our work together of things shifting very elegantly and really getting out of the chaos, like the unlocking of the credit card processors. Everyone told them all the legal team told them that it was going to take years and years and he was going to lose his company. I said, well, this is where I get to do my magic. So when we started diagnosing and getting into the depth of what was happening with his organization, it started to tank. As soon as he quit, he did little quits, to begin with. And one of the little quits was getting into a challenge with his wife who then he soon divorced and then really got into serious conflict with his adult son who was the elegant coder of the entire process.

The dad was, my client, the dad was the architect. And these two together had created this amazing product. But things started to unravel again and again. And then he started to disregard the things that were going on with his health. It got worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and he ended up in the emergency room and when he got out, that’s when he somehow had gotten a referral to me. So it took us quite some time and a lot of diligent work day in and day out for weeks and weeks and weeks in order to turn this around. But what was important was, as we turned his health around and he told me I was a lunatic, but as we turned his health around, his company started to turn around. Yes, it was not just a focus on his health, it was a focus on his health and how it related to the board of directors.

It was a focus on has how his health and the choices he made to quit and little the little quits that he kept making along the way, that became the gigantic quit. And it was the great big turmoil of should I let this company go or should I really go and try to save it? And the truth of the matter of whatever’s going on inside of you is your health matters. Your health matters to a degree that you cannot even fathom, particularly when you’re starting out. The essence and energy that is in you and around you is going to be utilized and pulled upon and going to be transformed and brought into the company, into the startup, into the idea, into helping the client, and without your health being in a good place, does it have to be at the peak? No. Ideally, would it be, yes, of course!

That’s why people who were younger really, really can make a giant, giant set of leaps and bounds and momentous movement is because their health is at a high place. And the fascinating thing is that your health can be turned around energetically.

How do I know this?

I worked with over a hundred thousand people helping them really reclaim their health while they’re getting their business started or they’re resetting their business. So whatever is going on with your money, with is going on with your body. Whatever’s going on with your body is going to go on with your money. And this applies to sales, this applies to your organization. This applies to what is happening in order to get things to grow because the nutrients of the tree are essential to get the organization to get out there in a grander way and to fuel, be the fuel, be the fuel for the fire so that the company can get built so that the client can get served so that you can get another client, make another branch on the tree, et cetera.

Why does it matter?

And so with your health, if you have hip challenges, then you’re going to have foundational issues. If you have heart challenges, you’re going to have all kinds of things with the flow of blood, which would be a flow of money and goodness and prosperity. If you have a lack of focus, you have a very foggy brain due to whatever chemicals you’re taking, whether it’s smoking or whether it’s a sleep aid or whether it’s an allergy medicine, whatever it is, these are all going to affect the focus and ability of the business to be prosperous. So whatever is happening in your health is going to happen in your money and what is ever whatever is happening in your money is going to happen in your health. And they’re intertwined and as many times as I have tried to prove it otherwise, it didn’t matter how much money somebody had or how little somebody had.

It was always intertwined and when you get down to it, the core essence of this concept is this, that your money is your energy and we may have heard this, but this is true. Let me share something that is from a very successful man from the early 19 hundreds and he wrote this, “a dollar is a miraculous thing. It is a man’s personal energy. Reduced a portable form and endowed with powers the man himself does not possess it can go where he cannot go speak languages, he cannot speak lift burdens. He cannot touch with his fingers, save lives with which she cannot directly deal. So that a man busy all day downtown candidate, the same time be working in boys clubs, hospitals, settlements, childcare centers all over the city.” That the writer of that is Reverend Harry Emerson Fosdick. And the truth is that your energy is going to be the miracle.

What does energy have to do with business health?

And the energy of your health is the thing that is essential for that miracle to occur. If you don’t have your health, you’re going to be running in place trying to get up a four-inch hill without getting anywhere. And so my encouragement to you is to do a little inquiry as to where is your body not at its optimal. Are you not sleeping well? Are you really, really in pain somewhere? Cause I have this process and our Epic Life Toolkit that is about if your body is in pain somewhere, your business is reflecting that pain somewhere. Could be sales, could be leads, could be tech, could be stake nation, could be creativity, could be lack of reach, could be any of these things, could be a staff issue. So all of these things are going to be demonstrated in your body until your business becomes in the eight figures.

And as many times as I’ve tried to prove this not true. What I’ve discovered is it’s true no matter what. The fascinating thing is once we turn on those energetic systems inside the body, those natural innate healing mechanisms of the body, it’s just like a tree that’s been cut. The tree will heal itself. There will be a scar, but the tree will heal itself and continue to grow and the body knows what to do. The tree knows what to do. Nature has given us the signals so that what we can do is we can take these concepts and apply them properly. Most people don’t apply them properly. They go and look outside of themselves. The tree does not go and look outside of itself for a solution. The tree digs deeper in the root system, creates a deeper foundation, looks more nutrients, looks for more fuel, and really looks to expand and grow outward and thrive and be part of a flourishing nature.

Same thing with the body. The body is busy growing and changing and shifting so long as you know what to do with it energetically. And that’s why we have our, my whole company is called the energetic solutions. We provide energetic business blueprints for your business which also applied to your body. When these two go hand in hand, you actually have that much more ease and grace and flow. It’s kind of like you don’t have so much drama. I’s kind of like you miss out on the chaos and it’s kind of like sales seem to come without a lot of effort. Ignoring any of these is going to make sure that you try harder, work harder, you do the harder and it takes longer and this is that mirror. This is part of that miracle formula that nature is demonstrating for us day in and day out.

My name is Sheevaun Moran. I hope you’ve gotten something beautiful from these three episodes so far. You might want to subscribe to and get some downloads there. We’ve got a tool kit. Go to and really look inside of yourself for what is it that is out of sync? What is it inside the workings of your own health that need to be paid attention to so that you can get the energy, have the energy, bring in the energy to access your next level, your next step, your next client, your next hundred clients, your next thousand clients. We have some products on our store at that are designed for the energy to start moving inside your system. These will help you to get out of your own way, mentally and physically and emotionally and energetically. So that things start happening for you and how things fire off inside of you. So check that out. Until next time, may you be strong. May your tree continue to grow upward and outward and flourish. Thanks so much.

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