Do, Delete, Defer & Delegate: The Four D’s of Business | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 6

Do Delete Defer & Delegate: The Four D's of Business | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 6a
Do Delete Defer & Delegate: The Four D’s of Business | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 6a

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Hi, this is Sheevaun Moran and this is the tree of life podcast. And if you’re here for the first time where to episode six, and it is a series. So go back and listen from the beginning and we really talked to you about how trees and the tree of life really are a metaphor for success and prosperity and ease and flow and foundation and even health. And this episode is going to follow the one about stacking for success. That was episode number five, very powerful concept that we don’t really think about often, if at all. And a fun metaphor that I hope you get to enjoy. So go back and take a listen to that. This episode is about the four D’s. And the fascinating thing about the four D’s is where you go off on a really big tangent about DS. But if you look at a tree and what a tree needs most is it needs a lot of vitamin D, it is going to really deliver on what its promises from the seedlings.

That’s what it’s here to do. That’s what it’s programmed to do. It’s programmed to come up from that seedling out, push out through the earth and really get up in and do its work, meaning provide nutrients for all of the beings on the planet, no matter what kind of tree it is, even if it’s a Bush, it still has the same concept, whether it’s going to provide a fruit or whether it’s just going to provide more nuts in order for there to be more trees. I grew up with my backyard as a forest. I grew up on a drive called forest drive. And that metaphor of trees is really foundational because it’s a fun little story that really became prevalent in our lives when I was growing up about my mother. And she was very, very organized. She really did not like things anywhere out of disorganized or out of perfection in her, in her view, in the way she saw things.

And you know, this can be a metaphor for things that are going on inside your world. And I know she had her own things going on inside her world. But one of the, uh, one of the years when I was a teenager, she must had something serious going on because she decided that she was going to rake all the leaves on the floor of our backyard. Now that’s a really big backyard. She was super motivated and she wanted to be really beautiful. Everything could just flourish and it would be pristine and perfect. And the fascinating thing was the truth of what happened and what she did other than the fact that her and my dad had a big argument about it, was that the next year, in the next two years, the daffodils, which were super huge in their growth, the daffodils didn’t bloom for a couple of years until the growth in the foundation of the leaves really protected everything and nutrified those bulbs of the daffodils.

So what she had done is she had changed the ecosystem of the forest and what it was meant to do. And so our trees in our metaphor today is about the D’s and her D for that one would have been don’t do it anyway. Let’s get to it. So the four D’s I’m going to talk about are do, defer, delegate or delete. And there are lots of versions of this out there in business talkings and chattings and writings, et cetera. But think about this in terms of a tree. A tree is going to, it’s going to do its job, it’s going to deliver on its promise. It’s going to do everything it can in order to dig deep and to thrive and to provide the nutrients it’s been programmed to provide. That is the trees do. It is going to differ kind of like what we talked about in episode five.

It’s going to differ whenever there’s thing, there are some things that are going on in its own environment, whether it’s drought or a fire or something like that. It’s going to differ growth and it’s going to make sure it can do everything it can to survive and resprout and then it’s going to delete the branches that are not healthy and it’s going to drop the leaves that it needs to drop before the next season in order to defer and really hunker down in order to make sure that all of the nutrients for the winter are taken care of. So due to the differ and then it’s going to delegate, what is it going to delegate is going to delegate for the concept of fruits and nuts and seeds. It’s going to delegate by propagating more offspring. And are you doing this in your business? Do differ, delete or delegate?

Are you doing those in a particular way? Generally what happens with people who are starting up is they can’t afford to delegate. And that’s okay. However, at some point in time, you really do need to set up a system where you are delegating. The CPA is a good one. Get an administrative assistant pretty quickly. So you have an ability to pay somebody and you get into the habit of paying somebody and getting income for yourself and the business and you’re going to delete ideas. Generally, we have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of bright shining ideas, but you’re going to delete ideas that are not really their time. And the challenge that we face is startups and new ideas is you’re going to want to try to do them all and try to accomplish them all. And the energy that you have in order to do that is pretty limited.

You have a lot of energy in the beginning and you have a lot of energy to fill the do of one real true item until you can go off and branch out into the next item. So, make sure that you get into a good habit of delegating things. There are awesome tools and systems out there such as Fiverr and, and you know hiring systems and you know, HR systems, et cetera, and they’re not that expensive. And so you really want to think about how you can be delegating more. I have a friend who is a, is a yeah, astrophysicist and he doesn’t like to delegate anything. And his books are incredibly long, incredibly wonderful, but incredibly long and tedious and he hasn’t delegated his website out to anybody else. And so it’s not very easy to order stuff from him. And that’s sad because his books are really profound.

Then you want to defer, defer would be like we were talking about a moment ago, differ things that you need to do later that are bright, shiny things, defer opportunities, defer, defer, defer. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t say more yeses to more doing because generally what happens is we get overwhelmed when we don’t delegate enough and we don’t differ enough and we don’t stay in the right lane of the right area, doing the right things at the right time, in the right direction. And that’s what I would encourage, would encourage you to look at doing and then delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete. Things that aren’t serving you. Delete things that are not feeding your highest and best good delete circumstances that are totally sucking the life force out of you and delete the things that are not helping you achieve your end objective.

The challenge that we faced with the leading is oftentimes we don’t know how to delete. We only know how to add and we really don’t know how to let go. And it’s important, particularly for a start-up, a restart, a reset. The next phase is to really learn to delete, delete old ideas. It doesn’t mean you can’t circle back to them. Delete resentments, delete anger, delete judgments and jealousies and really get back into your own lane, delete at the end of the day, all of those things that didn’t work out. Because generally what happens when you’re first starting out is you’re comparing to what you don’t have and you need to delete the comparisonitis. So, where do you need to take action on more, doing in the right way, at the right time with the right energy? Where do you need to delegate? Where do you need to differ and what do you need to delete?

Do you need to delete ideas? Generally, it’s an idea of pattern, a program and attitude or belief. One of the things we teach all of our entrepreneurs, no matter what size business they have is to really, really, really look at deleting the patterns of poverty, consciousness, poverty mentality, lack mentality. We have these in an insidious way that is so, so inherent to who we are as a society and it goes back to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years about the feudal system and the fascinating thing about deleting these patterns is then they have to be replaced with healthier ones and we don’t often know how to replace them without your ones. And it is not about an affirmation, it is not just about mindset. It is truly about learning how to deliver transformation within yourself and learning where to identify that transformation so that you can delete the things that no longer serve you. Hey, my name is Sheevaun Moran. You can find out more about me and the things that we’re doing at if you want to get a heads up and a start-up on your process, then go to and go ahead and fill out an application there and we’ll get into a doing conversation and look forward to chatting with you soon. Have an awesome day.

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