EP 099: The Real Way to Wealth



Everyone Sheevaun Moran here Driving for Your Success. Today’s topic is about wealth w, e, a, l, t, h wealth, and what is real wealth, what is our own real wealth? I think the best way to start this out is to have a conversation from the point of a client of mine who has been with me for sometime and was deeply offended, deeply offended about something that his wife had spent money on, how much you’d spend it and how much it cost and you know, he was just incensed. And many relationships are like that one spouse or the other. And truth of the matter is he lives in new $6,000,000 home cash paid off. He has several cars. I don’t even know how many. And he now has a business that we helped them take from negative 5 million to about 35 million. And the fascinating, the thing is his incensed attitude toward money is really, really, really about wealth.

And then I have another client who has a fraction of what this gentleman has. And her income’s better than ever. We’ve taken it from zero to, I dunno. I think $20,000 she’s on, on target to get to her first six figures and she’s happy with her family. Her husband is immensely supportive. They celebrate all the fun things that she’s up to and her spending the way she needs to spend and they celebrate how his business is growing and they celebrate all of the beautiful things that they have in their world. And well she, she may indicate that she wants that kind of wealth that this other gentleman has. The truth of the matter is, when we talked about it recently, she’s gotten to the place of, yeah, I am a generator. I really through the teachings and the mentorship that you’ve given me, I can generate anything and I’m going to get there and I’m going to get there with much more ease, much more freedom of expression, much more a beauty in my relationship and her kids are just playing an even bigger role. 

So she is really understood the true value of wealth. Whereas said their particular client who is upset about money and whatever his wife is spending and not really treating her like the queen has a really upside down and a greedy attitude, wealth, and that’s a shame because oftentimes as people get more money, they end up with that greedy attitude and it’s one of the dividers that we really need to work on in our own selves as to the more we have the blur we have to share and we think when we don’t have a lot that we’re going to do that. But not everybody really has that. No, I’ve been switching their brain and isn’t really ready or willing to work on that piece. And they often times come from greed and lack the more they have. So if you’re in any one of these two places, let me know how I can serve you. 

Let me know how I can help you and let me know what true wealth means to you. And if any of this resonates with you or you feel like it would resonate with somebody else in your world and you can be a hero to them. And they just need to hear it from a different point of view. Then by all means, share it. Thank you for sharing it and I would endure it if you would subscribe and say some wonderful things about what you have experienced through this little comparison of wealth manager wealth. Be Beautiful, graceful, heart centered, and always uplifting to you and your family. My name is Sheevaun Moran. You can find me http://SheevaunMoran.Com or you can find me at epiclifer.com. And as always having an amazing day. Thanks so much.

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