EP 280: The Law of Compensation

Everyone Sheevaun here! Driving for your success. And today’s topic is about getting your stuff out there. Now, fascinating story about me is when I first started doing this and my first client came to me and really they insisted on paying me, which was wonderful. However, I had this big high paying job over here and I, you know, I felt like I didn’t need to be paid. And then it really dawned on me, the law of compensation is the person that gets the coaching, the work done, whatever that is, coaching, healing, mentoring, whatever they need to have, a stake in the ground. And one of the challenges that I’ve seen over the years of doing this work of helping people get their stuff out there, “Emerge and Monetize”  and really “Ignite their Prosperity” is not wanting to put their image out there, not wanting to do videos, not wanting, not really wanting to learn to write in a way that’s going to send a message that is compelling. 


And a couple of things that, one of the first companies I worked for when I moved to California, I helped them grow their company from 12 employees and the marketing department and branding and stuff like that  to 140,000, $140 million and getting sold. And one of the fascinating things about that was really putting the message out there again and again and again and again. And that’s, you know, that’s something that’s important for our product. Well, oftentimes we forget that we are the product, we have a message, we have a mission, we have something, a vision, we have a calling to get ourselves out there, but we don’t want to be the product and we don’t want it to talk about how we’re able to handle something, transform something, shifts something. I had no problem doing that when I bridged into the work that I’m doing now. 


But one challenge I did have was putting my picture on stuff. And I was one of those kids where I had a ton of photos taken of me when I was a kid. And so I think I was over photographed. The interesting thing is I think I had traumas around being photographed. I didn’t want to get on video. I didn’t want to get on camera. I didn’t think it was necessary because I built companies where it was the company that was the brand. Well, we’re in an age where we need to be the product and the brand and the face and the vision and the message maker and the voice, et cetera. And generally what happens with most folks is they are hiding in plain sight. And when you’re hiding in plain sight, you are doing yourself a disservice and you’re doing all of the people that you’re here to help a disservice. 


Where are you hiding in plain sight? What are you doing that  you need to get out there and make messages that are held and seen and conveyed to folks? What judgments, criticisms, things do you have in your head that are preventing you from making an impression in a video or in a photo or getting out there and speaking to folks. Those things really hold us back. I have a particular client and she’s beautiful. She’s a beaming light. She’s a little bit older and she has her own business and you know, she’s like, I’m not pretty enough. My children are beautiful and everybody else is prettier. And once we got her doing the videos, her business started to flourish. So my question again to you is, where are you hiding in plain sight? If you need help getting out of hiding, I’d love to be the one to at least have a conversation and see if there’s something we can help you with and all of our offerings. If not, that’s okay. Enjoy our videos!


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