EP 305: Clarity

Everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success — today’s topic is chaos to clarity, one of the very common things about any entrepreneur who wants a great big impact and and a lot of influence and even more income. Is there’s a lot of chaos, there’s a lot of Chaos in their mind, there’s a lot of Chaos in their energy, there’s a lot of chaos that crops up every step of the way and it’s been one of the things I’ve spoken about in a signature way for many many years because energetic chaos is something that you can’t see but you can sense and it affects you and how you remember your why. Your real purpose, your real Vision, your mission and it affects who you are and how you engage with the rest of the world. So if you’re different with family then you are with your business folks or in community whatever,if you’re different in each different place then you’re going to create chaos and the key thing about chaos is I think they’re like a mind set, meaning there is a whole way of thinking and being and doing and having that you didn’t know needed to be shifted but the results that you’re getting aren’t matching up with what you know you have is your vision your mission your goal and your opportunity. So inner chaos is something that you’ll do on accident as Habit to prevent you from getting bigger from taking more steps from advancing yourself from staying in growth opportunities from staying in conversations that are going to help you uplift and expand and flourish and have a big impact. And chaos is where you’ll say one thing yet do another you’ll commit to something yet you’ll get busy doing something else or you’ll get angry at somebody who should know better and the fact of the matter is they just need to be up-leveled and they’re playing into your chaos. So your energy is creating more chaotic energy around you if you tend to overwrite meaning complicate your words and your sentences and and your thoughts when you write, then you’re in chaos internally and inner chaos also is when you have the “Well if this happens then I’ll be done, when this occurs I’ll be there,” The one and done thing is dangerous especially for inner chaos and then another thing that that happens with inner chaos is complaining you’ll get into a habit a pattern an attitude a a way of being about complaining about little things and those little complaints create bigger chaotic internal mechanisms, fear, worry, anxiety, tension, stress, frustration, Etc. So that inner chaos really needs to be cleaned up in order for the outer results to yield a great big shift. Whether More Money, More Better Health, more impact — all of those things rely upon how much you’re cleaning up your inner chaos. tThis inner chaos is the key y’all and so maybe you have moments of Peace, but the rest of you is in turmoil so that inner chaos is stirring up because of old habits and programming and so one of the ways we solve this here at energetic Solutions in my company and what I do when I help entrepreneurs is deal with that inner chaos and really deal with it in unknown ways, different ways than everybody else is doing it. Why? Because if we deal with the energy and the mind and all of the inner messaging in a very unique way then it actually gets disrupted so that you can flourish and Thrive and get to your goal faster. So if you want to solve that inner chaos just raise your hand and start admitting that you have it and that you’re doing it to yourself. That’s step one and step two is maybe reach out to us at energetic Solutions sheevaunmoran.com and there’s some cool stuff on the site that you can take a quiz and you can find out where you are in your inner chaos game of business um so go to sheevaunmoran.com.


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