EP 308: The Weight of Money

Okay, Sheevaun Moran here and I’m driving for your success. There’s something I heard the other day that kind of got me thinking about how much people really want to achieve many more dollars many more millions of dollars and the thing that I heard that you want to pay attention to is a million dollars only weighs 50 pounds. That’s it. That’s not a lot. We make it seem like it’s this giant skyscraper of a thing that we can’t go and get and Achieve and Thrive from. If we make something that we’re looking toward to get to achieve so big and ominous and difficult then we’re unable to achieve it and get there sooner. So a million dollars is only 50 pounds that’s pretty light compared to what we believe it weighs in our mind and if you look at over the next couple years they’re going to be upwards of 200 000 new millionaires so will you be one of them? When you start thinking about money and how it’s lighter than you think, lighter than you believed or knew, and maybe much more possible for yourself. My name is Sheevaun Moran… subscribe share link click to view some more down here go to sheevaunmoran.com.


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