EP 316: The Invisible Glass Ceiling

Hey, Sheevaun here driving for your success and are you hitting that invisible glass ceiling? I hear this a lot from people no matter where they are in their business. They hit a glass ceiling. It could be a way of doing business, it can be a strategy, it could be a tactic, it could be people in their business, it could be they’ve hit a money barrier, they’ve hit something and when you hit this, this invisible glass ceiling what starts to happen is you do this weird little crap that you actually start to decelerate your opportunities in business. Some people call it sabotage, I don’t call it sabotage, it’s really you’re actually looking to go to the bottom of the pit to create from the bottom of the pit and get out of it again and the invisible glass ceiling is you have a pattern, a program and attitude and an energy that has you hit a certain level that you need to learn to break through. Break Free walk around hop over get to the other Shore Etc and that invisible glass ceiling is not necessary; however, most people actually hit it and then what they do is they decelerate so they don’t have the same goal as they did before and they hit the lower one and then they keep shrinking themselves. So my encouragement to you is look where your glass ceiling is raise your hand get some help uh look for a solution to get some advice and guidance to get yourself pulled to the other Shore swim to the other Shore driven to the other Shore uh push to the other Shore beyond that glass ceiling, because you’re here for more. if you’re listening to this you’re here for more and you can feel it inside your heart and your soul and your mind and you have more to give and you just keep hitting this and that is not necessary and you are going to need to allow yourself to expand my name is Sheevaun Moran go to sheevaunmoran.com and check out cool stuff there and subscribe like and share thanks so much!


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