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Is Your Business Environment set up for you to Thrive? | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 7

In this episode of the Tree of Life Podcast, I talk about how your business environment will either feed or starve you. Just like a tree needs an environment that is nutrient-rich, a business environment needs to be set up to feed those who work there.

Is Your Business Environment set up for you to Thrive? | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 6b
Is Your Business Environment set up for you to Thrive? | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 7

This is the Tree of Life Podcast with Sheevaun Moran. And we have been covering in this series how the tree and the metaphor of the seed to the tree is appropriate to life. It’s appropriate to its success. It’s appropriate to entrepreneurship and it’s appropriate to health. And how those bridge each facet (there’s a new teaching in each episode) — each volume that is going to open your wide eyes wider and really get you thinking and doing and behaving in a new way that is more in tune with nature. So as we get started on episode and volume number six, we want to talk about the tree as a metaphor in every culture, every religion. It’s really fascinating how every single religion has a metaphor in their spiritual practices, in their writings, in their teachings, in their history about the tree and what it is to them, what it is done for them. And here we discuss the environment of the tree and how that directly correlates to your home and/or business environment.

We’ve got the Bodhi tree in Buddhism, we’ve got the tree metaphor and Christianity. We’ve got the tree metaphor and Islamism and we’ve got the tree metaphor in every single culture and religion. And it’s really fascinating how it is prevalent everywhere. However, we don’t study it very much and like the Kabbalah studies it very deeply and, and even has drawings about it and talks about the chakras and the energy centers that are applicable to that tree. And there are certain prayers for it. Same thing in Christianity. They just don’t call it the Tree of Life.

So the fascinating thing is this applies this metaphor, this metaphor of the tree applies to every single culture, every single religion. And the idea of every single human that comes into life on this planet really has to go through — they go from the egg to being birthed to growing up, et cetera.

And each aspect of this in our human experience is important to maybe start correlating to that tree. And so if you add this to the concept of success and look at some companies that have been around a long time, they apply some of these principles of not getting and not playing a role of stagnation of evolving. You can even see the giant sequoias in Northern California evolving and changing. You can see them looking to find new ways to survive and thrive in the elements of so much humanity. And while some are going away, inevitably, it’s really fascinating to think that we humans are starting to pay attention to these trees and all of the different things that the trees are responsible for – the oxygen, the clean air. Cause we’re in a biosphere, we’re in a closed environment actually, and we do need these trees in order to survive and thrive into our next phase of who we are as a person, who we are as a business, who we are as humanity.

And so if you take and apply this metaphor of the tree and really ask, what is it in your life, in your world, in your own business, in your own idea of a business is in need of being tended to because it really does have magical powers and energies. If I can go so far as to say that and really take the ideas of nature and prana and life force and quantum particles and all of those things are applying to a tree from a seeding up into a tree. And same thing applies to you. Why wouldn’t it apply to your business? Why wouldn’t it apply to your success? And what you want to have as success. And a tree doesn’t go looking around for purpose. A tree is a tree is a tree. A tree comes into being and existence with its purpose.

And a lot of humanity is looking around, what’s my purpose, what’s my purpose? Rather than stepping into it and really just growing from there. We have a lot of things in our conscious and unconscious that get programmed in from family, friends, loved ones, teachers, schooling in general. And we get very far away from the nature aspect. We get quite far away from this metaphor of you know, like what we were talking about in one of the recent episodes is deferred, delete, et cetera. And the fascinating thing about this tree metaphor is while it’s mystical, it’s very practical. And one of the things that has been predominant in the work I’ve done in Energetic Solutions, the company name, is take these practical, practical things about business and growth and strategy and applied them to the truth of mystical. And while a lot of people say they do that, you really do have to study it for a very long time and really have a good concept of what energy and an energetic is. And so that’s why we created the energetic success blueprint.

What’s the purpose of the metaphor?

The fascinating thing is the purpose of the metaphor is to say there’s something more afoot in the success that you want in what you’re here to share with the world. And one of those has to include energy, prana, that has to include some of the mystical because truthfully, we don’t know all of the programming inside of the seed of the tree, inside of the nut. We just know that that particular, that particular seed, that particular net is going to produce this particular type of tree. And then, you know, and then we have cross-pollination, et cetera. But at the end of the day, we don’t know all of those blueprints that are going on inside. Same thing with our own DNA. We’re just learning about this. And so to think that the mystical and the quantum and the subtle energy is not appropriate or applicable, it’s just completely outside of the realm of possibility.

If you look at folks like Nikola Tesla, he talks about energy being the thing that you need to study in order to have the greatest life and success that you want to have, regardless of what he accomplished or didn’t accomplish. That teaching alone is important. You see some of the esoteric teachings that Einstein talked about when he wasn’t producing as much, and he really got into the concept of how this energy thing was really applying to life and food and his own existence on this planet. So to apply that to your life and your business requires you to step outside of the norm. It requires you to be different and to see things differently. It requires you to breathe differently. That’s why one of the audios that we have is The Power of Breath because we actually don’t breathe very well. We don’t breathe in the true, true, highest nutrient molecules available to us.

We shallow breathe because of fear, worry, anxiety, tension, stress and trees breathe in as deeply. The trees breathe in as deeply as they can so that they can achieve more life. But our humanities seem to somehow forget that we’re here to have more life, create more life, our life expectancy is higher. And as we get wiser to these teachings, we discover that we need to pay attention to this mystical, to this subtle to basic things like a deep inhale breath that is going to be life-fulfilling and life-giving and life-creating. And so if your thinking about being a marketing wizard, you’re thinking about creating your own business, you’re thinking about having sales, you’re thinking about getting your product out into the market, you’re thinking about taking that next level inside of your organization. You’re going to need to breathe. You and your team and whoever’s the head of the company, if that’s you, then everybody is actually going to need to learn to breathe.

Generally, we’re treating people like they should just only exhale. And that’s 100% impossible. We have to inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. And one of the fascinating things about money is that we’ve got people who are so greedy and they hoard and hoard and hoard, and at some point in time their body or something changes or gets challenged and they have to exhale and they have to release and let go of these things. And the other fascinating thing about people who don’t want to get the level of success that you know, seems super far away from them seems out of reach. They’re really not wanting to inhale. We’ve got this challenge of not really wanting to inhale the success or exhale to achieve that next level of breath and success. So utilize this metaphor more in your world so that these mystical ideas really start applying to the level of success that you want to achieve.

That you want to get to, that you’re actually programmed as a seedling of a human to get to. We’re here for more life. We are not here to just hang out, do a few things and procreate. You wouldn’t have so many ideas and so many ways to express yourself if we weren’t here to create and get our own expression out there in a bigger and bigger way.

If you really look at this, it is a cycle. Trees live in cycles. They live in the cycles of birth and thriving and thriving and thriving and eventual death, some longer, some shorter. It depends upon the environment. So think about what environment you’re in, what environment you’re creating. Are you creating an environment of nutrient deficiency or are you creating an environment that is fully functioning for higher nutrient deficiency, higher nutrient density, higher nutrient absorption. Because if you have a lot of negativity in your environment, you are going to be in deficiency.

Have you have, you’re going to be in deficiency sooner than later. And are you putting the right nutrients in your body? Generally, you’re in conflict with all of the different nutrients that you’re putting in your body and you’re not being as natural as possible. And so what is your home environment looking like? What is your business environment looking like? What are they feeling like? Is it helping you to achieve or helping you to be distracted from and about? Do you love the elements of your environment? Do you love and have beauty in your environment? Whatever that beauty means to you. Are you in more harmony or less harmony in your environment? If you’re in less harmony, there’s no way to accomplish with ease. I read about Elon Musk and, and the way he created the look and feel of the production line in Hawthorne, California, when they bought the building there and he painted everything white.

He wanted everything to be sleek and really, really fluid and right and available so that the most creativity could happen. And then if you go inside of an air planing or it’s dark and it’s dingy and it’s dank and I get it, but the truth is that your home environment and business environment needs certain elements in order for you, the human to thrive and create and explore and express. And prosper from what your living in, from how you’re being out into the world. Same thing applies to how you dress. Do you love the shoes that you’re wearing? Are you buying the cheapest shoes? I once had an assistant that she always bought the cheapest shoes and she had a dang lot of shoes. I said, I’m going to teach you how to buy a true real pair of shoes. I bought them for her. I took her shopping, not that I love shopping.

Trust me. I wrote a book about how not to shop and get everything you want called Shotgun Shopping. But I taught her how the most important thing is how does it feel on your foot? And you go at the end of the day when your feet are tired and you know they’re not the happiest, and how does it feel on your foot when they’re not the happiest? Does that pair of shoes make your feet feel amazing? And if they don’t, then why would you have them? Because it really is about how you’re going to express yourself by how you feel.

And that energy is an expression, whether you’re the most perfectly dressed person on the planet. If you don’t feel good inside, people will catch that wave. They’ll catch that frequency. You can feel that with a tree. You can feel a tree that is in need of help and it is in need of much more efficiency. It is in need of nutrients. You can feel that and see that where more branches are dying off and there’s an even, there’s even a parable in the Bible that says, you know, Jesus touched the fig tree of that was not living and he helped it to die because it was not being and giving more life to the planet.

So think about your environment – both your home environment or business environment. That’s your homework for this metaphor, for the tree of life podcast. My name is Shavonne Moran. Again, you can find some cool stuff at products in our shop store audio products that are 17 minutes long. You can find all of my books. You can find all my books on Amazon and on Apple iTunes. You can find programs that are gonna help you get your butt kicked a little bit to really get out of your own way. So go to and if you really want a more personalized conversation about your success then reach out to me at See you soon!


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