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How to Find a Mentor/Coach/Corporate Shaman That Truly Changes Your Life

It’s becoming more and more evident every month that mentoring and coaching are essential to one’s success …. if you want to get there sooner than later. In fact, everyone needs a mentor. Someone who is experienced in the result you want to achieve, has the ability to lead and is mature, has accumulated wisdom, and is available and eager to help. Someone who can share, is willing to teach you the what, why, and how of advancement, both in your career and personal life. Importantly, someone who can teach you about the mistakes you shouldn’t make, the paths you shouldn’t take, the people you shouldn’t befriend. Everyone wishes they knew how to find a mentor who could dramatically ensure all those things.

The good news is that it is not difficult if you go about it systematically. And it begins with defining the result you want to achieve. What is it that you want is your first step. Then you need to go about looking for the qualities of that person that can help you achieve that result.

There are lot of folks out there that “say” and “write” a lot of nice and cool things and maybe even have a fancy looking website, but the most important aspect of a mentor is someone who is upbeat, focused, has a repeatable system and is much further along than you are. You want to look for someone who has the energy and vitality to help you and is willing to call you on your “stuff”. The person you seek should be professionally successful, and personally, content (stay away from negative neds and nellies). They should be easy to interact with and be invested in your success. Once you know you want as a mentor, it’s time to go inward and think about the qualities that will help you achieve and then go out there and find one.

Masterminds/Industry events
Attend professional events that happen in your city. These are excellent opportunities to meet experts in your area who you wouldn’t be otherwise able to meet. When you know who will be attending, do your homework, and know all about them. As these are likely to be hectic events, you should go prepared with an elevator pitch and promise to get in touch later.

School and College Alumni
Those who know how to find a mentor know about this often-overlooked option. Chances are, there are people successful in your field who have gone to the same school or college that you went to. Go through your alumni list, and once you find them, do your research, and reach out with a personalized email.

Networking Events
These are intended for professionals to find each other, and they are common now. An added advantage is that most of them are regular events which give you the opportunity to slowly build your network and find the right person

Do a search in the groups that you’re part of for coaches and mentors and make a post about their recommendations for one. Opt into their website and do some sleuthing about who they are and what they offer. Tune into your spidy senses and intend that you will find one that is in alignment with your overall objective. Before you directly contact someone online, ensure that you have done your research, and do not come across as one of the many who will be contacting them. Personalize your communication, and always be succinct. You can also find mentors through the many online programs that are becoming popular now.

Note: For People In an Office Setting…
For all those wondering how to find a mentor, one most obvious place is the office… if you happen to work in a large building or corporate environment. Look for someone you would want to be in a few years. Build up a non-intrusive rapport so that they know about you, and are confident in your potential. This also means that they shouldn’t hear anything negative about you.

True Benefits of A Mentor

Know that to truly benefit from mentorship you will need to invest in yourself. This means that there will be a dollar amount attached to them helping you by sharing their wisdom. Even if you find one that does not charge then know that the energetic exchange will be out of balance until you make some investment. The formula to think about is … the more you invest the more you will earn (so long as you are being mentored by someone who holds you to a standard of achievement).

How you find a mentor will also depend on what you expect them to do. You shouldn’t be there to find some shortcuts to quickly get promoted or get a quick fix or quick income jump. Your potential mentor should know that you are willing to put in the hard work over a long period, and are ready to periodically share your successes and shortcomings. In other words, you are there to learn, take action and be of contribution back to society. The right mentor will change your life for the better and may even be in your world for many years to come.

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