Becoming an Entrepreneur & Mastering Your Prosperity

If you’re an entrepreneur or have a side hustle and want a vhigher income, this is for you.  

…and it often feels like there’s so much on the line and that gets you to hesitate.

And if you’re just starting your first business, side hustle or branching out in your current model, you will experience friction and uncertainty and then hesitate. Some even just do the ‘waiting thing’.

Most folks grit their teeth when they ask themselves about their next steps and then they overthink every bit of it, but it’s worth getting a new perspective on these:

  • I have what it takes? (yes, no, maybe)
  • Is it worth the risk? (risk can yield reward)
  • Should I really take the leap?
  • Everyone keeps telling me I’m crazy and to stay where I’m at and with what I know. How do I decide which direction?
  • Will I be able to make enough money?

My journey, being an entrepreneur has been my greatest joy. I get so much fun from ‘the human dynamic and their phsychology.

The first business I had was at age 11, which I sold to my brother for a T-shirt (obviously not a good deal but I really wanted that particular shirt).

It’s been a joy helping others create their own vision of the future, and building a company to make it happen, and making sure it has sustainability and grow beyond the gritting of teeth.

In a new no-nonsense guide I’ve written for you … 5 Essential Energies for Immediate Success, I share the energetic elements that you’re facing when dealing with building success. Whether it’s your own entrepreneurship venture or side hustle. 

These 5 Essential Energies, shared in my fr*ee book, are all essentials to you achieving the flow state and ease of prosperity and growing or scaling your idea to the success and freedom you desire. 

Success is more than gritting your teeth, working with grit, the ideas or even timing…It’s all about THE ENERGY (your energy) and knowing what to do with it. It’s about knowing how not to get depleted on the journey and knowing the steps to take if you are waiting. It’s also about knowing that energy is much more than caffeinated drinks.

It’s about being sustainable, energetically, and being nimble in monetizing your goals to achieve sustainability

In this blog, I’ll be delving into the book’s four parts: namely— “Decide,” “Energize,” “Dare,” “Leap” and its advice in execution, “Blueprint.”

Let’s dive in… 

Decide – Confirm

For “Entrepreneurs-in-the-Rise,” or EIRs, it’s necessary to gain unique qualities of those who have built—and prosperously sustained—their own creation.

Beyond these characteristics, it’s equally vital to surround yourself with mentors who’ve been there that can hold you accountable to these learned habits while helping you to nurture those innate qualities key to your own unique success.

Most folks get sucked into someone else’s way and that’s when it takes longer to achieve more rapid success. Meaning, the key is to find one that helps you find your own unique voice and process that gets you your kind of success because their way may not mesh with who you are and what you want to ultimately achieve.

To facilitate this process, you’ll see the essence of these ideas in 5 Essential Energies for Success, which takes all concepts of ensuring your energy is your vitality and that ENERGY is paramount to more even-keeled successes and much more flow to the gates of ongoing successes.

To facilitate this process, in Part 1 of Entrepreneurial Leap, Gino draws from firsthand experience and fellow entrepreneurs to distill the 6 essential traits that unify today’s top venture leaders.

  1. Visionary/Mind energy: Perhaps one of the most innate traits—and therefore the most difficult to teach—is vision. Involving far more than mere ideas, being visionary requires connecting the dots between seemingly disparate business problems and unlikely tools. By reconceptualizing problems at their most fundamental level, entrepreneurs can develop what Sheevaun dubs a “inner knowing” in determining new business ideas, processes, models and even unexpected solutions.
  2. Passionate/Heart energy: Nowadays, the term “passion” is often nonchalantly thrown around as a sentiment akin to strong interest or personal investment. But a truly successful entrepreneur must be passionate about one’s product or service to the point that it fills an almost existential void. This involves an unshakeable belief in the value and necessity of one’s venture— one that fulfills and grants purpose.
  3. Problem-solver/Emotional energy: When being an entrepreneur you have to have some grit and courage to step out. This is not innate, as many would have you believe. This is an aspect of energy and what you’ve been surrounded by and with whom you’ve been around. Entrepreneurs come from wanting to step out and share their own unique solution/s, even if that means it is first driven by needing more income. Problems are truly what you make them and using physical energy can be draining but when using the correct energetic solutions® the nature of a human’s ability to thrive can kick in once optimism is taught along with correct action steps.
  4. Drive/Soul: Many of us are driven by external rewards, a paycheck, or the extrinsic motivation granted by a boss, parent, professor, or organization. The best entrepreneurs, however, fuel themselves with an intrinsic (soul nudge) motivation to competitively overcome failure after failure, matching enthusiasm with endurance and a sense of urgency.
  5. Risk-Taker/Physical energy: In many ways, risk aversion is the enemy of entrepreneurship. We are truly only afraid of two things. One is falling and the other is loud noises. Anything else we are taught to be afraid of and avoid. It’s imperative to gain your own advantage over you energy, mind, body and thoughts so that you can revolutionize your own path ahead.

This rare combination of traits and dealing with energy is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the reason such a minuscule percentage of startups ever make it to the big time. The other is that the founder truly gets into stagnant energy and doesn’t know the steps to take to advance beyond. 

Today, 50% of businesses fail in the first 2 years, and of those that succeed, an extraordinarily low percentage ever scale. Only about 32% of second-generation entrepreneurs survive, and the statistics are even grimmer for those in the third- and fourth-generation (13% and 3%, respectively).

Note: One of the reasons businesses have such a difficult time staying in business, in the beginning, is the focus of the wrong things in the right direction, focus on perfection rather than sales, and jumping around from thing to thing to thing.

To start up requires an energy reserve that you tap into and usually deplete very quickly. Sustaining beyond to the next and next and next level is what the 5 Essential Energies for Immediate Success will help you start to understand…then there’s a journey afterward that requires the elegant combination of idea to execution to growth and beyond ensuring prosperity along every step of the journey.

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