A Romantic Relationship Is Not A Zero-Sum Game

When you hear a couple arguing, it is inevitable for one of the partners to raise the issue of give and take in a relationship. At some point, the argument spirals into, “I did… for you, what have you done for me?”

This turns into a score-keeping match with each partner listing what they have done for the benefit of the relationship.

Love is not a zero-sum game.

So when you have expectations from your partner, it turns into a series of transactions rather than a loving relationship.

Are you expecting perfect give and take in a relationship.
What are you expecting from your partner?

A Relationship Is Better With Low Expectations

This is not an encouragement to lower your standards in a romantic liaison. It is a reminder that love blossoms when the other person is allowed to function in their own set of expectations.

The sacrifices you make for your partner is your voluntary expression of love. The moment you start expecting them to match your level of contribution or create it such that it is 100% give and take in a relationship, it starts to smell more like a transaction.

When you give your time and effort, it should be of your own accord and also without any strings attached.

Remember, as the good book says “love keeps no score…

Your Relationship Is A Reflection Of Your Internal State

We all bring something into relationships and usually, it is an extension of ourselves.

Love should, therefore, be an overflow of the abundance in your life. And not an intentional and forced action. In fact, life is better when you have low expectations and practice patience with others.

In life and love, keep your expectations low and your tolerance levels high.

Sheevaun Moran is a business advisor, master coach, quantum energy thought leader and the founder of Energetic Solutions. She uses business principles with energetic techniques to help more than 25,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders bring instant focus and shifts to clarity, purpose, and profits.



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