Unity After Lockdown

Can unity be continued after lockdown?

Right now we have more unity and collaboration than we’ve ever had before. Some will say that we’re not really collaborating enough.

But fascinatingly we are a collective of amazing humans choosing to help each other in ways we’ve not done in the past.

It’s fascinating how a tiny little, invisible organism is actually causing our divisions to heal.

Our lives are now in quarantine but it seems as if there’s more cohesion than ever. More people realizing they have much more to give and much more creativity beyond the time before the virus.

There will not be the same of anything after this time is complete. It’s as if we have a before and will have an after the virus.

Creating Unity After Lockdown

This is your time to find deep within you all that has been longing to get out into the world. Now that there’s more ability to see into each other’s eyes and see more options and abilities it’s going to take planning and courage to step out and share what’s been pent up inside.

Can you agree to look into your neighbor’s eyes, wave at the car next to you and smile, be kinder to those in all the service industry, say thank you more than you ever did before and really mean it?

Will you admit that it feels good to be nicer and kinder even though it’s social distancing?

Is it possible to pay attention to more good news than always focusing on the bad?

Are you ready to carry on beyond lockdown and create the life you dreamt of or will yo just revert “back” to all that other distancing you were doing before the pandemic?

Time will tell, but intention and commitment always leads to some deep shift. Why not now?

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