What to Do When Your Pocketbook Doesn’t Line Up with Your Calling  

Pursuing your passions can make you money.
Pursuing your passions can make you money.

It’s a common dilemma; you have found your calling, your one true passion, but pursuing it isn’t bringing in the big bucks. Maybe it’s not bringing in the bucks you need. Universal Law states that if you have a need, it is there right in front of you (although you cannot see it at the moment) for you to harvest.

What should you do? Should you return to a more lucrative job that you don’t like, or should you pursue your calling even though it’s not yielding the income you’re accustomed to?

Passion vs. Pay

For many people, it comes down to the idea that they have to choose their passion over their pay, or visa versa. Believing that you can only have on or the other is self-limiting, and places you in a box that you cannot get out of.

Create Your Own Opportunities

The idea that you cannot have both money and spiritual and emotional satisfaction in your job is something we see everyday; the starving artist is a perfect example. But it does not have to be your reality – you have the ability to create your own opportunities, and your options are only as limited as you allow them to be. You need to figure out what you need – you need to make your own truths.

Align Your Money and Your Mission Today.



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