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How to Let Go of Grudges That are Holding You Back

Holding onto a grudge—against your boss, your family and friends, a coworker, or even yourself and ‘life’—is one of the worst things that you can do. Energy stops, creativity stops and the death spiral starts.

When you hold onto the past, your energy is wrapped up in an event that will never move you forward.

Here are some ways to let go of the grudge that you are holding onto:

Acknowledge the Grudge and Share Your Feelings

Saying ‘I’m over it,’ when you are not really over it won’t help anyone. Instead, acknowledge the fact that you are holding a grudge and recognize how you feel about it. If necessary, share those feelings with the person against whom the grudge is being held.

Walk In Some Else’s Shoes

One of the best ways to put a grudge into perspective is to pretend that you’re someone else, such as the person whom you cannot forgive. Look at the issue from the other side: is it time to let go?

Let It Go

You have a right to feel angry, sad, or frustrated when something happens to upset you. Letting go is tough because you think it means you have let them off the hook for their “bad” behavior. That is completely false. All you do need to do is give back their “bad” behavior energetically (hand it back in your mind) and then cut the cord. Essentially you must let it go and forget about it. Holding a grudge and refusing forgiveness can lead to anger, anxiety, depression, stress, and even health complications. Forgiveness will help you to move forward with your life.

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