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The Skinny on SuccessThe mind is one of the most complex computers on the planet. We know it has power, but can only access a fraction of that power.

Our life’s path is about accessing that power and creating an image of ourselves that is in full expression. The full expression being what is going on inside the computer is what is happening outwardly in life. In other words the life you’re living is fully happening in your mind and if you want different results you must think and be different.

There are a few key components to the inner life and outer life emulating each other. They are as simple as breathing and yet complex in execution.

We have been taught that the body is the temple and yet treating it as such is often limited to a few short minutes every day or short bursts of commitment throughout the year. The body may be the temple but the mind is pharmacy, operating system and the electronics department.

How do I know this? The first time I became acutely aware of what the mind had the capacity to create was when I was a teenager. All my friends had blemishes and I decided that I didn’t and wouldn’t get them. The fact is that I didn’t get any throughout my teen years. The next time I became aware of how the mind and body work together is when I got sick and nearly died. I had blood poisoning and was told that there would be deep problems for the rest of my life. I didn’t stay in the emergency room I went home and decided that my body and mind would do a better job than the doctors and after several weeks I was fully recovered and haven’t been sick again in 15 years. Another example of how I know this is that each and every client that I work with on image and mindset will outwardly demonstrate results such as a more youthful look, creating more income, healthier relationships, less weight and clearer eyes.

Let me explain each of these a bit further with a simple example. When you cry your eyes become red and puffy. The eyes area actually a releasing mechanism for old stuck emotions and thus tears flow and there’s a big release from the brain through the eyes. Once the issue is more clear or resolved then the eyes become clear as well. The whites of the eyes become more white, the color of the eyes more deep and the vision actually improves after such releases.

A pair of beautiful blue women eyes beaming, color rust effect,

Our face is a clear example of the life we’ve lived. Darwin used it and the Japanese air force used it to predict which candidates would be the most successful pilots. Every line on your face can tell a story and as you age your story gets longer and more filled in. It is proven through ancient face reading that the skin sags on the face after traumatic events. There are particular places on the face that are known for exhibiting deep disappointments. The effect on the face of a prolonged disappointment results in lines and sagging jowls. Unless those disappointments are resolved the face doesn’t recover easily or at all.

There are many reasons why you’ll have extra weight and you may try or take various things to decrease your weight but until your mind is fully on board the results will be temporary. I have seen clients lose up to eight pounds in a day through the release of old energetic and mental patterns that were holding them back.

One of the most easily demonstrated examples of resolving conflicts and negative self image shows up in the pocketbook. Your money – lack of flow or flow of money is an expression of what is happening in your mind and the energy around you.

Without proper fuel, energy and thought, the mind easily falls into the rut of thinking the same thoughts and behaving in the same circular patterns. The results of these patterns help to erode the temple. After some time of erosion the body will look just like you’ve told it it feels old, tired, sore, achy and burdened.

The image you have of yourself can be changed with some clear and consistent signals from the mind. These clear consistent signals are intentional thoughts, words and phrases. The simpler the phrase the more effective the result. You must use something that you write and read on a regular basis because we are so conditioned to think about what is wrong rather than what is right. Add to that regular physical movement, exercise, then you will find that it is easier to work with shifting the mind and programming those negative repetitive thoughts into healthy, happy, vibrant thoughts.

The Skinny on Succes

There was once a study done by some Olympic running trainers on how running affected the brain and the bank account. It was proven that walkers and runners were 80% more likely to be focused on a what is to come rather than what already occurred as well as have more prosperity.

We are born to greatness and prosperity and programmed to poverty and pessimism.

The first thing you’ll want to do in the morning is to smile. This simple act actually sets the tone for your day and your thoughts. You’ll next want to look squarely in the mirror and say something nice like “It’s a good day to be me”. This phrase gives you permission on many levels to achieve good results and feel good about yourself without touching on any negative programmed words that you often use. Start saying yes to things that you normally say no to and see how the mind starts to open up and allows more energy, flow and creativity.

Your self image will show up on your body, health, relationships, spiritual practices, finances and in the smallest parts of your life in short order once you go about being the manager of your mind.

Sheevaun O’Connor Moran, author and transformational energy expert

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