Tips to Improve Your Short-Term Memory

How do you feed your brain?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an excellent short-term memory? You could more easily remember phone numbers and other digits recently learned, easily recall a newly learned concept, and forgetting where you put your keys would not longer be an issue.

The good news is, there are a number of things that you can do that may actually improve your short-term memory, such as:

Reduce Stress

Stress levels can significantly impair your short-term memory. Your brain needs time to recharge, and if you are too stressed about other things, it will be unable to focus on the task at hand (that you want to remember later on). Give yourself plenty of breaks throughout the workday, reduce outside noises and distractions (i.e. do you really need the TV on in the background while you’re working?), and stop focusing on things out of your control.

Feed Your Brain Right

What you eat can have a big affect on brain function, and more and more research is being done that demonstrates that sugar and processed foods lead to brain fog. Eat high quality fats, and plenty of vegetables to make sure your brain has the fuel it needs.

Challenge Yourself

By challenging your brain more often, you’ll keep it sharp. Challenging your brain doesn’t mean seeing how much you can do or cram in, it means giving your brain complex problem-solving tasks or challenges, like answering a math question or learning new vocabulary words.

Your brain is a powerful tool – what are you doing to help it perform at its best?

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