What’s Your Emotional IQ?

Are you emotionally intelligent?
Are you emotionally intelligent?

Your emotional intelligence can have a huge effect on your relationship with others, and therefore your ability to connect, receive promotions, and maintain healthy interactions. Here are some ways to measure your emotional IQ:

You Are Able to Empathize

Being able to empathize is one of the greatest traits of a likable and compassionate person. If you cannot empathize, you will have a difficult time aiding people when they are in need, and therefore may have a difficult time keeping close relationships. It will also help you problem solve from a different perspective.

You Know When You Need – and When to Give – Space

Being emotionally smart also means having an understanding of your own emotional needs and the needs of others in terms of when space is necessary. We all need space at some points in life; if you are able to identify when you need space and remove yourself from a situation, and provide others with the same courtesy, you are more emotionally intelligent.

You Refrain from Needless Emotional Drama

Too many people engage in needless drama that leaves them, and others, feeling emotionally drained. Those with a stronger emotional IQ keep a distance between themselves and gossip and other drama.

Improve Your Emotional IQ. 


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