Is It Possible To Reshape And Reconstruct Our Memories?

Memories are malleable.

So it is possible to change the meaning we associate with our memories.

Rather than playing like movie clips, memories are freshly recalled each time. They are caused by nerve endings firing every time you recall an incident. Which means that over time, our recollection of a memory is at best half-right.

Every time you recall a memory from the past, you are probably adding to and coloring to that event based on your current mood and mindset. Also, we recollect past events partly by reconstructing a narrative and partly by adding fictitious elements to it.

Therefore, it is also possible to change them with conscious effort.

Constantly reliving negative memories?

Stop Focusing On The Negative Memories From The Past

While every trauma has a healing process, we tend to keep reviewing it in our mind even past the point of healing.

Because we can remember incorrectly, it is best to let old bad memories go. Or even better, reconstruct them in your brain to make new meaning.

Perhaps you were humiliated in high school by the cool kids? Or, fired unceremoniously by your ex-boss? How about a relationship that went sour and left you with a broken heart?

Reflect on these incidents and take notes for any changes you have to make. And then let them remain in the past. There’s no need to focus on these events after you have done your work in moving past them.

You can choose to change the way you see a particular memory to alter how it affects you.

Rather than accepting the feelings and meaning attached to a negative memory, you can choose to change the narrative and see it in a different perspective.


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