Leverage Your Lockdown

Here are some tips to help you Leverage your Lockdown. But, first, you need to ask yourself who you are…There are two types of folks. Well, in fact, there are many but for this purpose and where you are and the folks I help there are two types.

The first type is the hang back and wait and see type.

And the second type are those who act boldly and run toward the problem. I happen to be one of those.

The Hang Back & Wait and See Type

When you hang back you have the hang back and see there are some benefits and some dangers. The dangers are more dangerous so we’ll begin there. A danger of hanging back is that you wait so long that you miss the opportunity. This happens a lot with people who are afraid of making a mistake or those who need everything exactly in place to begin. Another problem with hanging back is that you have lost the momentum you had when the idea or opportunity first presented itself. Now the flip side of hanging back is you can see what is working in the marketplace and act accordingly.

The Bold & Daring

Those who act boldly are generally those that run in to be of value and help and know that on the other side something amazing will show up. They are the folks who seemingly risk all with little reward opportunity but actually they are the risk-takers that are much needed to get a sea change happening.

Waiting to see only ensures you become one of the masses of everyone camping onto an idea. The Bold Type are those who aren’t always the very first but in the early adoption of making a change or adapting their team or even pre-visioning what is possible with their offering or idea.

The key is to be thinking in terms of what do you do or have that you have offer that is leverage for you future? Even if you don’t know the “big” idea or the fullness of the opportunity starting is the first step.

How to Leverage Your Lock Down

To leverage your lockdown you must rally your troops, even if you’re the only troops to rally. When you get on board with being of value and service you will discover that energy and opportunity begin to come to you from all types of directions.

Use your time more wisely than before.

Look at your list of wish I had done this and see if there’s value in pursuing any of these.

Get a mentor now so you can stay motivated and not get into the bright and shiny syndrome

Create a healthier mind and thought landscape so that when the lockdown is no longer what it is today you will be a better thinker and make conclusions with clear-mindedness and opportunity thinking.

Pay to get into a business group that is supporting each other right now and is a good sounding board.

Stay safe, be healthy, and share the kindness!

Start Taking Action Today – Click Here to Run Boldly

PS: one way to ensure you have your bases covered in your business is to be informed and to be inquisitive about what you can do or achieve with the help that is now available today more than ever. Some of those resources are listed here.

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