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Jack Canfield
Jack Canfield

"Sheevaun is very talented, clear and results driven. I'm happy to recommend her and her unique talents."

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Loral Langemeier
Loral Langemeier

"Working with Sheevaun has given me so much clarity, an increase in revenue and an alignment. She is someone you must work with if you're looking for fast, deep and lasting results."

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As an ex-nurse who became a financial adviser and was depending on my partner to help provide income, things were pretty tight financially speaking. I was in year 3 of my business and still only making a few thousand dollars a month. Through the coaching/work Sheevaun gave me I attracted 3 clients that would earn me over $300K per year.

- Linda W.

I went to Sheevaun because every time I had an increase in income my health went south. It was so bad that I almost died several times. Through our work together I went from earning $150K per year to being part owner of my company and receiving a multi- million dollar buyout.

- Sue Rutter

I was the big income earner in my home but my husband was telling me how to live. When I met Sheevaun I had decided to earn as little as I could so I wouldn’t have to deal with my husband's control issues. Sheevaun and I worked for about 4 months and during that time I went from earning $45K a year to attracting enough business to up my earnings to $250k per year.

- Sylvia S.

"It was the day I made the decision to join the Innovator's Circle that my income goal was met for the first time in many years. I had dipped into my savings and that was when I called Sheevaun to make the big breakthrough I'd been trying so hard with to learn from other coaches. With her help I've been able to achieve between $10,000 and $20,000 per month!"

- Marc S.

My family business (event planning) wasn’t going anywhere. Clients were not paying us enough and we had several abusive client relationships where I'd over deliver. We were getting paid about ⅓ of what we should have been paid. I discovered that I was hanging on to the abusive client relationships because I didn’t see any new clients on the horizon. I was afraid. Immediately after working with Sheevaun to reset the business new clients started comming in. I learned how to say no, and who to say it to and how they looked. I became completely clear on how clients should interact with me. My business was doing about 250k and today 850k a year.

- Susan K.

I got trapped in this cycle of everyone needing me and I wasn't able to set boundries in work and personal life which lead to one of my largest deals falling through. “Working with Sheevaun has helped our company increase its bottom line. We went from nearly bankrupt to $2 million in profit in 3 months.

- Karen F.

I had no clients for over two years and after working with Sheevaun acquired 5 new clients and have a waiting list a mile long!

- Karen S.

I really love what I do but being a hairstylist is a very competitive industry and I only had a few clients a week and was in a very abusive and controlling relationship. Sheevaun worked with me on my business and personal life and my results were amazing! I now own my dream $60K Mercedes and I travel twice a year to amazing places around the world. Not bad for two small town girl.

- Heather I.

For a long time I didn't have a lot of money, to the point where I had to borrow it from friends and family. After a while I felt so guilty that I was borrowing money that it effected my business and my ability to bring in clients. After coaching with Sheevaun she helped me get rid of the unnecessary baggage and I was able to double my income and pay off my debts in just a few short months. Now I'm happy to say that I don't have to relay on anybody but me to pay all my bills.

- Dan Fowler

I was at the top of the real estate industry game and then got I into a relationship where it seemed everything tanked from that point on. I had NO idea how to lead a normal life again and Sheevaun and I worked together to get my income back over the $300K barrier and sort out the troubling relationship issues. Once again I'm at the top of my company sales AND I finally have the right man by my side!

- Terri T.

For years I had worked as banking executive and I earned a ton of money but deep down, I really wanted to have my own broker license so I could create my own success and not somebody else's and I always seemed to spend more than I made which didn't put me in a very good position financially. Adding to this mess I was trying to find the "Right Guy" and nothing I did turned out right. The turning point was when I was about to lose my house. Life was getting completely out of control and that's when I started working with Sheevaun... today I'm an owner of a very successful brokerage office and I'm married to the man of my secret dreams. Thank you Sheevaun!

- Cindy R.

I toiled for years to feed mself as a school teacher. Had a horrific marriage and I couldn’t get out because I didn’t have the means to support myself. Sheevaun helped me discover that what I really wanted was to sell my artwork. After 3 days with Sheevaun I sold my first painting for $2000! Today I am free all my fears and work for myself as a full time artist.

- Rima M.

I was struggling with getting clients for my new Law Firm. Seemed like all the competition was stealing them from my doorstep and that was devistating to my confidence so I wasn't sure how to take it when my girlfriend gave me the "gift" of working with Sheevaun one on one, however I went from having no clients to having 5 ideal clients in one month. Very Satisfied Client.

- Dennis Cohen (J.D.)

I have to share my love. Thank you to all of you who asked questions. It's like each one of you woke something up inside of me; somewhere I am being aggressive, somewhere I am hiding, somewhere I want something so bad I can't see that it's already right there waiting for me to receive it. Thank you for putting into words what I couldn't. And thank you Sheevaun Moran for one of the most amazing Entrecast's I've ever been on...

- Danielle C.

I Came to Sheevaun alone, depressed and just divorced. I didn't have any courage, I didn't have any confidence, I didn't have any self esteem and didn't think my opinions were worth much. Sheevaun and I uncovered that my real job is second in command for a Fortune 100 company and my newly discovered negotation skills and confidence helped company through one of its largest transitions from California to Texas. I could have never regained my life, health and courage without you, Thank you Sheevaun!

- Linda M.

I was earning $150K as an "executive coach" and working with start-up CEO’s several of which have gone on to be behemoths of Silicon Valley, but I was working so hard my health started to go south and with it my income also was rapidly declining. A short time after working with Sheevaun I was earning well over $300K and learned how to create future wealth and security by taking stock options from each one of my clients. My health returned and my future is completely secure financially - thank you so much!

- Lori M.

Working as an executive at Motorola I was burned out and wanted to quit. My health was a wreck and I was spending tremendous amounts of time and money at doctors and on medications. Sheevaun showed me how to end that crazy cycle of pharmaceutical madnessnd and position myself to get a buyout on my retirement along with benefits. I moved back to my hometown and now own a thriving internet company.

- Nancy A.

I was executive at a women’s non-profit oganization with major issues and that resulted in my own health challenges. Through working with Sheevaun I started my own Women of Faith International organization, wrote a bestselling book (Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power). Currently teaching transformational leadership to women’s organizations worldwide.

- Kathe S.

Working with Sheevaun Moran this past year has changed every area of my life profoundly. When we first met, my business was brand new and I was having a lot of trouble getting out of the starting blocks. I was riddled with doubt and confusion, and wondering if I was going to make it. I was barely making enough to get by and eating through my savings like there was no tomorrow. Making sales calls was excruciating. I avoided it like the plague.

Now, a year later, my business has a grown substantially. My income has more than quadrupled and is still growing. I’m feeling a tremendous sense of momentum, with more ease in every area of my life, especially in Sales conversations. I never thought I would be able to sell $50K+ packages, but now this is something I do regularly.

I also have a new sense of confidence because I know that I can handle whatever comes my way with the tools Sheevaun taught me. My relationship with my wife is better than ever and sometimes I feel like we’re living in a dream. I am grateful beyond words for her guidance, healing and support.

- Nick H.

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The FASTEST Way To Increase Your Clientele Isn't Alwasy Learning a New Marketing Strategy, Often Times Its Doing A Better Job Of Picking Who You Surround Yourself With.

It's not uncommon for me to get clients that have been through other training programs and attraction "gurus" throughout the industry and it's also not uncommon to hear them tell me that they have gone everywhere else and tried everything else and nothing is working for them and now they are "broken", confused and lost.

An example I shared with some of them is a few months back a well known woman entrepreneur came to me with a project she was she was working on and she had invested a total of $5 million and had nothing to show for all her hard work and investment and couldn't figure out why, after all she had the best in the business giving her personal coaching and top marketing advice, or did she?

It was (and is) the kind of idea that is so powerful it can actually change the worldview of someone who experiences it. I was really excited and intrigued about working with her on her business energy.

And today... I mean the product is out there but no one knows it even exists. And here's the really sad part...

I gave her the exact blueprint for turning the entire project from the ash heap to bricks of gold. A solid step by step business and marketing plan for her success. She never put it to action and flushed $5 million down the drain. Why? The need she had to always be right...

Here's the happy ending... With some slight energy shifts and minor business modifications one of the testimonials above took the core of the plan, put it to action and had instant success, can you guess which one it was?

You could literally be just a few small shifts away from DOUBLING, your business...

And stockpiling an unending steady stream of new clients for any business within weeks...

But Do You Know WHICH Shifts You Need To Make?

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