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The Place Where Peace and Success Flow Together


How do peace and success fit together?  Well, when we set out to accomplish something and finally arrive at the goal, it brings a great sense of inner knowing and calm when it does come together and we find ourselves at the destination of our dreams. To achieve this success though, often we need to find the right tools that will take us beyond our own blind spots. To move forward we have to find ways to connect with our own wisdom so that our lives can flow.


The Golden Flow is a set of tools that I have developed to bring momentum to issues that have kept us scratching our heads and wondering how we are going to ever handle certain perplexing puzzles of life. In the I Am Success Now Wisdom event in December, I will show you how to access your own hidden wisdom so that you can jumpstart your ability to realize your dreams.


I Am Success Now Wisdom Event


The Golden Flow is a way to align your mental and emotional ways of being with how you function in your body to achieve success in a way that has not been possible before.


Our lives are catapulting at greater and greater speed and it can be difficult to slow down enough to focus, let alone dive in to find the wisdom that is needed in the present.


While the accelerating pace of life can feel like we’re being driven more and more off course, I can help put you back in the driver’s seat, so you feel like the GPS of your inner guidance system is operating correctly.


I’d love to help you with any course correction so you feel that you’re steering in the direction of success. To reach out, call me at (714) 374-1988.

Driving for Your Success – Increase Your Business

Letting the Monkey Mind Get Some Rest

SculptureThe speed of life is putting great pressure on us all to find simple techniques to be present in the moment with peace. For too many of us, the accelerating speed is doing too much to increase the chatter of what is known in Buddhism as ‘monkey mind.’ Meditation is a way that we can access inner resources and increase resilience in the face of mounting pressure to do everything faster and smarter amidst sensory overload.


While meditation hasn’t been the panacea to resolve all the challenges in my own life, it has been a (daily) key to help me to move from a corporate workaholic to an efficient multitasking master of energy.  I can honestly say that meditation has improved every facet of my life in some ways and helped me to come down from my over-the-top life in corporate America.


Now that I can access the inner quiet and calm in my own body much more readily through meditation, I’d like to share these tools as a guide to meditating in two easy minutes. Whether you’re a beginner or just need to re-ignite your practice, meditation is a necessity in these times.  Even with the pace of life today, we can all afford two minutes to find greater ease and expansion.


Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes


With every thought and every emotion we are creating, so as with all things, I would suggest that you meditate on solutions to life’s problems, rather than focusing on problems.  We already have an abundance of problems, so no need to keep creating more!  Use these simple meditation exercises to let go of stress and feel calmer and more centered in your daily life.


If you’d like more of an immersion in accessing your own gifts of wisdom, I’m doing an event in December.  You can see the details at:


Please let me know if I help boost your process to make changes and find the center of calm. You can reach out to me at (714) 374-1988.


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Driving for Your Success – Stop Hiding from Success

Striving for success is in our nature but sometimes it’s elusive. Watch this to learn where you might be hiding from success in plain sight.

Getting rid of some Extra Poopy Energy – Because its Time To!

negativeenergySometimes we put up with things and events in our lives that really just need to be cleaned up and gotten rid of a long time ago. We keep things and people in our lives because its comfortable and easier to let things play out instead of making drastic changes that you know deep inside need to happen.

I’m often asked about how to make things easier, happier, balanced, aligned and fix the problems that are showing up today.


Comfortable is often the word used. Our lives are more comfortable than ever and yet we want more comfort. With growth comes slight discomfort. The flip side is wait until it gets so bad that you are forced to address it.


Right now I’m doing a massive cleanse and it doesn’t feel comfortable but I know that the outcome is worth it. These things always bring space and joy into my life. There’s discomfort in the process but the results are amazing.


I was reminded last week that dissolving something that is not aligned frees up space and has brought in fresh energy that could not have come in otherwise.

Where in your life are you keeping it “same-same” — because it’s comfortable?


You are afraid of what might happen if you made the changes that you know deep inside are needed in order for you to grow and expand?


I’d love to hear all about it! If you need that extra nudge to get moving and make those not so fun changes and decision reach out to me at 714.374.1988!

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