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Real Inner Wisdom

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negative-self-talk-pictureIt is said that people talk to each other at approximately 200 words a minute.

It is also said that people talk to themselves (self talk) at almost 400-500 words a minute.


So, think about it this way. Let’s say you’re having a thought like, “I am not good enough.”

That’s like driving down the road with two or three of your best friends in a car telling you over and over again that “you aren’t good enough.” I imagine that can get a little overwhelming (or in my case, cause me to cry).

It’s time to get out of your mind and get into the real inner wisdom.

Brave, Wise and Risk Worthy

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To Focus on Money or Consciousness

valentine heart shape made by dollars isolatedThere’s a great paradox that lies in the arena of doing what you’re here to do. It seems that once you make a decision where you’ll be living your dream and sharing your greatness with the world that money seems to suddenly be elusive.


It seems difficult for people to have the dream and the dollars.


Your magnificence has been calling you for months and sometimes even years and yet the dollars are just not following. What’s up with that?


Somewhere in your past you’ve had no problem attracting money or getting what you need to make it but now – splat.


Most people find this disconnect occur when they try to put both together and make the life and money they’ve always wanted.


Here’s a tip about taking next steps to bring both together. The skills you need, the refresher course in making things happen or even the primer on how money works from a fresh perspective.


The coincidences that you’re experiencing are like breadcrumbs. They are a trail leading you to a conclusion and the next step. Every time you acknowledge these and take action on one of them you’re a hairs breadth away from more flow.


Flow equates to bridging the money and spirituality conversation. You can still practice your version of spiritual connection and have the income you desire. The only thing you are required to do is take action when the opportunities arise and when you’ve asked for something and it shows up that you take action on the opportunity.


Flow, focus and fabulousness can be yours in all forms.

It’s Not Either/Or, Its Both – Money and Spirituality

jump pic

There’s a great paradox that lies in realizing our purpose and actually doing what we’re here to do. Over and over again I’ve found that when someone makes a decision to live their dream and share their greatness with the world, suddenly money becomes elusive.



It seems difficult for people to have both the dream and the dollars.



Yet your magnificence has been calling for a long time, sometimes even years and yet the dollars are just not forthcoming. What’s up with that?



Most people find that this gap occurs when they start to put together their dream with their dollar stream to create the life they’ve always desired.


Somewhere in your past you’ve had no problem attracting money or getting what you need to make it, but now, when it matters most – it’s NOT happening.



So what can you do to bring money and spirituality together?



**Here’s a tip to create more momentum: Take your left hand and whisper into the palm the word money. Then take your right hand and whisper into it spirituality. Now place both palms together and rub your hands for a few seconds. This symbolic gesture actually creates more unity between your mind and body. 


Once you’ve set your intention and aligned the best you can, watch for signs that something is happening. Coincidences are like breadcrumbs on the trail leading you in the right direction. Every time you acknowledge what shows up you’re moving closer to more flow.



A class to boost your skills with making sales can be good or a retreat to get away from it all can re-energize your spiritual life, but what’s even better is when you bring these two aspects together in daily life.



Flow equates to bridging the money and spirituality division.


To reconnect with the flow, you have to take action when opportunities arise. Now, are you ready to cross the great divide and take a leap to live your dreams? 

What’s In A Whistle – at The Event


I’ve always been impressed when someone can carry a tune when they whistle. It just seems so magical. Even if the whistler can’t carry a tune I still find it impressive that someone can purse their lips and create their own musical notes.



When I grew up I admired how boys used two fingers to whistle loud and clearly. As an adventurous tomboy, I wanted to do this as well, but try as I might I couldn’t make that kind of whistle. It always stumped me and you might say that I’m a slow learner but I finally learned how to make that sound happen. Loud, proud and attention grabbing.


If you’ve been to one of my events there’s one thing that I tend to share exuberantly and to the surprise of everyone ­ my hard won ability to whistle. More often than not it occurs once we’ve got the party started on the first evening. You might say it’s an attention grabber.



Can you carry a tune while whistling? I’d love to know more people who carry on this seeming lost art. Are you able to hail a cab by whistling?



What’s with whistling anyway? It turns out that the very popular Disney song for the seven dwarfs, Whistle While You Work, has some truth to it. English psychologist Dr. Sian Beilock has studied both whistling and singing. He found these forms of expression to be very effective in keeping the brain from being overloaded by performance anxiety. It keeps the channels open for high performers to go with the flow when under pressure. Whistling is fun any time, but when under pressure it actually helps the brain to work better.



Whistling is one of those under appreciated wonders of the world. Nature continues to offer an amazing array of whistling sounds through the birds with their trills, tweets and twitters.



Like the birds with their special songs and sounds, you have a talent that’s just waiting to be heard in the world. If there is something holding you back or you are you feeling unsure of yourself give me a shout in the comments below or on social media. As someone that has mastered the tomboy two-finger call to attention, I can help you make your own music. It’s time to share your whistle with the world. 714.374.1988


Laser Focus on Steriods – 7 things you can do right now

eye watching


Life has always had distractions. This will never end but your focus doesn’t need to be compromised.



You CAN have focus, get focused and achieve clarity in record time.



NOTE: These are not the usual focus subjects like clear your desk. That’s an obvious one but for some people, such as Einstein. He said a cluttered desk allowed him to focus.



1.  Stand up and sit down in your chair 5 times before you MUST focus on a project or span of time.

2.  Set up a 45 minute chunk of time that you work within. 

3.  Take your left index finger and tap the tip of your nose three times when you need to get down to business.

4.  Meditate

5.  Stop telling yourself that you can’t focus 

6.  Know your most productive time during the day and during the hour. For some the most productive time is morning and others it’s late in the evening. For some people the top of the hour is more productive than the bottom of the hour. 

7. Find one thing that is occuring in the situation that interests you and focus on that space.


Find Dollars Instead of Pennies

Find Dollars Instead of Pennies

Most of the time you’re searching for the smallest amount of money and increases in your business.

There are greater increases to be found all around you. Join me to find out where.

If You’re Mission Driven…



If you’re mission driven then you’ll not get as tired when you’re off your mission. Every time you’re away from your mission is when the mind and body act tired.


Humans regenerate more quickly, in health and wealth, because of a mission whereas a machine breaks down and does not regenerate. You’re not a well oiled machine until you have progress in your life and out of value conflict. Using the language of a machine as in the industrial age will help you feel more tired more quickly. Knowing how to use the conscious language of success and leveraged success is the key to mission accomplished.


To learn the language of conscious restoration, the infinite resources in your business, management style, income and health as well as energetics you’ll want to join me

Being Resourceful could lead to Huge $2 billion Successes

The results of $2Billion success story require this…


When you grow up and have to figure out how things work you become resourceful. Your curiosity could lead to you outrageous successes or inventions or connections.


Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Intrapreneurs (leaders in a larger organization) who are successful are more resourceful and more curious to have a new solution than those who have everything handed to them.


The CEO of Oculus, 20 year old college dropout, who invented a new way for Virtual Reality and gaming available to the public. He was curious and extremely resourceful and his company got bought out while he had only 50 employees.


I’ve loved traveling all my life and looking back on my “why” about traveling it’s about being resourceful. Travel has required me to speak to others I don’t know, learn a language or at least part of a language that I had no desire to learn at home, to take roads that were barely roads to get to my destination.


When you’re resourceful you exude passion, intensity and a never give up attitude. Successes happen when you’re open to new ways of being, doing and having and looking for solutions in the least likely places.


Email me one of your stories about how you are or have been resourceful, I’d love to hear about it!

Relationships that Sparkle with Life

come-ritrovare-la-serenita-di-coppia_ce52ae2fd35e260e55f3cb982619355d 2When we ‘fall’ into love, we want to breathe in our lover. Love does nourish us, so the infusion of energy from someone that we care for brings a sense of magic into life. At some point though, we all need to re-join the ebb and flow of life, with a deep going in followed by allowing more space for our own renewal and integration in our relationships.


All too often, this natural flow isn’t something that most people in relationships know is important to establish. When we start a new relationship the world feels fresh with promise. Yet it seems an age-old mystery as to how we should fan the flames of the early love connection burning. Most people in long-term relationships would love to have more spark in their marriage, yet the question is what to do?


Every relationship needs a way to renew itself and find healing in order to overcome the tendencies that have us looking for greener grass. Unresolved issues build-up and create toxicity in our relationships. Over time that build-up creates a lot of disappointment, anger, resentment and inability to forgive. These are all signs of stagnation. We look for solutions by confiding in friends and family, seeking therapy or even considering splitting up.  Sometimes an ending is the right answer.


Yet all relationships are seasonal, we have periods of growth and expansion together, as well as times of needing to retreat and ponder. When a relationship is just beginning, it’s easy to be nourished by the initial synergy of two coming together, while in established bonds we usually have to encourage the spark of emotional intimacy and flow that is the core of relationship magic. I have developed a guided transformation technique that can help you to keep the spark alive between your partner/spouse and yourself.


The Relationship Healing Meditation CD has helped hundreds of couples on the brink of separation or divorce to come back into a healthy relationship. It removes the old muck that has built up and brings a clearer space so that a relationship can heal and be renewed. This recording can give you and your partner the freedom to love and be joyful again. With repeated use, old baggage that has burdened your life disappears. It can be used to find many forms of greater happiness–peace, harmony, respect, communication…and oh yes, some wonderful sexy sizzle.


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