Upcoming Event Announcement: Wisdom for a New Era


Do not miss an opportunity to a personalized call with a success coach.
Do not miss an opportunity to have a personalized call with a success coach.

Sheevaun Moran of Energetic Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce her upcoming event: Wisdom for a New Era. This complimentary life-strategy session is a must-do for those who are hoping to gain the skills and confidence that it takes to be successful and self-assured in life.

What is the Epic Life – Wisdom for a New Era Opportunity?

Truthfully, the Epic Life Wisdom for a New Era isn’t necessarily an event so much as an opportunity. The opportunity is this: you can have a personalized, privatized, and individualized strategy call with success and life mentor, Sheevaun Moran.

What Will My Phone Call Cover?

You are probably wondering what exactly your Epic Life, Wisdom for a New Opportunity call will cover. The answer: anything you want. During your phone call, you can ask any questions that you have about your self-image, confidence, business, or success. Sheevaun’s goal is to provide you with solutions to managing:

  • Self-defeating beliefs;
  • Business growth;
  • Self-worth;
  • Love and acceptance; and
  • Health and happiness.

If you are ready to change your life now, do not miss this opportunity! Click the link above to reserve your complimentary Epic Life strategy session now! To learn more about success coaching and Energetic Solutions, click below.

Get Your Life Back in Order Now.

Are You Audacious or Are You Playing it Safe? 


Become more audacious today.
Become more audacious today.

There are multiple people that we can look to as examples for audacious personalities. Take Gary Vaynerchuk, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson – from ability to get attention to ability to think outside of the box, all of these individuals are audacious. Or how about Tony Hseih? Now, there’s a person who is audacious in his endeavor to have flat management and stay happy.

Varieties of Audacity

There are many varieties of audacity – once you find your own, it’s about channeling it and applying it to the right circumstances.

Once you find your inner audacity, then you need to:

  • Speak;
  • Teach;
  • Lead;
  • Act;
  • Invent; and
  • Create.

Let that audacious side guide you through these actions. You will also discover that your capacity in your life and your business is much greater than you originally thought.

Important Questions to Consider

On the path to audacity, there are a few important questions to consider. For example: In what ways are you currently being audacious? Where do you need to be more audacious in your life? For help answering these questions, reach out to life coach and mentor Sheevaun Moran today.

Become More Audacious Now. 


Jedi Knight Training for Women and Men


You have a powerful force within you.
You have a powerful force within you.

The tiny weird looking sage, Obi Wan Kenobi, says, “The force will be with you always.” And little do you know, that force is inside of you. With a little training, you can unleash its powers.

Unleashing the Force Within

Your force is truly within and looking for ways to get outside and help the world be a better place. More often than not, we are caught between courage, confidence and collapsing. When you learn to harness your force, you can learn how to no longer be caught between these three things. 

How Your Inner Force Can Put You on the Path to Success

Confidence feels great, but it is hard to attain immediately. In the interim, you must work on developing the skills surrounding creating value, contributing to the world, and controlling how you make money. These will all help you to live a more vibrant life.

Courage never feels good in the moment—instead, it is often scary—but it’s what you use to achieve confidence.

Greater Is the Light that Comes From Darkness

Carl Jung said: “In the Shadow is the Gold.” By this, he means to say that most of what is valuable in the human personality—the gold—can be mined only from the shadow. In other words, all of the force to be good, create good, and have success is right within you.

Find the Force Within Today.

Hidden Talents that Give You the Upper Hand

What hidden gifts and talents do you have?
What hidden gifts and talents do you have?

You have a unique set of gifts and talents that are currently lying dormant inside of you, just waiting to be used on a daily basis. These talents may have been thwarted by outside influences, as well as your own inner dialogue. Your lack of self-confidence is likely preventing these hidden talents from making themselves known.

What Gifts Do You Have that You Have Forgotten About?

It’s likely that you have a whole slew of talents and gifts that you have completely forgotten about or ignored over the past years. Take, for example, the client of mine who was a very successful scientist. After years of working, he sold his company. This upheaval left him feeling a bit lost. Rather than engaging in another massive scientific undertaken, he discovered a gift of his 40 years forgotten – art and painting.

Find Your Hidden Gifts

The example above illustrates how talents and abilities from childhood or earlier years of life can become overshadowed by work, outside influences, and our own incorrect perceptions. Each and every one of us have gifts that are lying somewhere inside of us in wait. If you’re ready to let those talents shine, reach out to success coach and mentor Sheevaun Moran today.

Find Your Hidden Talents Now.

The Most Important Super Power for All Leaders: Love


Do you have enough love in your life?
Do you have enough love in your life?

Super powers are usually associated with ridiculous and amazing feats – leaping tall buildings, daring acts, invisibility, and other acts of “magic” all come to mind. But the most important super power that you have isn’t any of these. Instead, it is simply to love. Wait… what?

Yep – Love Is the Best Super Power

We’re not kidding; science has proven that every time there is a tragedy on the planet that gets worldwide attention, the pulse of the planet vibrates – this may be due to more love and compassion resonating globally. There is also scientific evidence that highlights a connection between physics and emotions.

What Type of Love Are We Talking About?

We’re not talking about the mushy-gushy touchy-feely type of love (although that is important, too). Instead, we’re talking about the love that comes from a higher place inside of yourself and is based around your own experiences. For example, instead of engaging anger, ask yourself: “What is loveable about this circumstance?” When you embrace and give love, your energy will heal, and your ability to connect with others and improve yourself will, too. These characteristics are all part of self-empowerment, confidence, and success.

If you’re having trouble unleashing the love inside of yourself, reach out success coach Sheevaun Moran today.

Learn the Power of Love Today.