Understanding Positive Affirmations and How to Use Them for Success

Use positive affirmations to your advantage.
Use positive affirmations to your advantage.

An affirmation is a positive statement that asserts a particular goal that the thinker wants to achieve. Often times, people will say affirmations for hours—or even days—on end, only to have a negative trigger throw them off course. Here’s how you can learn to make your affirmations work for you without negativity getting in the way.

Thinking Positive Syndrome

For years, people have been bombarded by the idea that if they only think positive, positive things will come their way. In other words, learning to affirm something will make it true. While positive thinking is good, there’s not enough substance in the affirmation process to manifest positive effects simply with thought; other actions are necessary, too.

Resolving Negative Affirmations

Rather than just focusing on positive thoughts, negative affirmations have to be eliminated and action needs to be taken. Even the most positive people in the world are often held back by negative affirmations. Getting trapped in negative affirmations can keep us from reaching personal and financial success.

Supercharge Your Affirmations

In order to supercharge your affirmations to make them work for you, meet with a life coach to first recognize and rid yourself of any negative affirmations. Then, take your positive affirmations and make them clear and concise. Then, use each one with consistency – watch as success unfolds.

To learn more about affirmations and how to make them work for you, contact Sheevaun Moran today.

5-Hour Energy: The Myths and the Truths About this Beverage

energy from self
Derive energy from within, not from a substance.

There’s a recent commercial about the 5-Hour Energy product—the beverage that promises to give a consumer a full five hours of energy—that states that the beverages is safe, and that it promotes good health. However, don’t be fooled into believe that drinking a beverage like this is without risks.

The Danger of a Need for Instant & Constant Energy

Our need for instant energy is shortening our lives. It’s as simple as that; putting the brain and the body in the habit of instantly receiving energy anytime that it wants it isn’t a good thing. In the least severe of instances, the body and brain can become angry and frustrated when they don’t receive instant gratification. This can lead to:

  • Heart palpitations;
  • High blood pressure; and
  • Headaches.

Get Energy Safely

There are safer and more effective ways to get energy fast than an energy product. For example, developing certain breathing habits can be soothing and provide energy. Or, eating a well-balanced diet can provide energy. Or, exercising or meditating can provide energy. These ways of deriving energy are natural, and have been around for eons.

Your Body and Your Mind

Instant energy and gratification isn’t always a bad thing, but it can overwhelm the body and the mind. For optimal success, it’s best to find balance and find energy from more natural sources. To learn more about how to energize your body and mind, a life mentor can help – learn more today!

7 Habits that Lottery Winners (and You!) Need to Keep Money & Sanity

Learn the seven habits of financial success and sanity.
Learn the seven habits of financial success and sanity.

It is a well-known fact that people who win or acquire large sums of money unexpectedly almost always lose it. No matter the specific reason, there are some basic principles that every one of us could use to avoid a sudden loss. Here are seven habits that every winner—and anyone else who gains money, be it a large raise or a big sale—should learn fast:

1. Discernment

Learn to think for yourself and recognize that you are the sum of your thoughts and experiences.

2. Truth

Start telling yourself the truth about every thing, small and large.

3. Charity

Give half of your winnings to charity. Giving back is paramount to negating any bad decisions and gaining good karma.

4. Boundaries

Live within the means that you’ve already established prior to your windfall.

5. Good Living

Exercise and eat well – your body and mind will need to rise to new frequencies to handle new financial opportunities and responsibilities.

6. Call a Successful Woman

Women have been working hard and long to rise to the top; they’ll be the first to tell you about money, health, and other distractions that you need to overcome.

7. Gain Self-discipline

Take a year to gain self-discipline. Before making any hasty decisions—like moving or changing jobs—ruminate for an entire year. This gives you a lot of time to gain the wisdom you need to make a good decision in the long run, and not keep losing your sanity and your money.

For more tips on how to stay sane, clear, and gain inner quiet, click here.

Your Purpose: Why Life is Much More Fulfilling When It’s Meaningful

Your mentor can help you learn to live your life with purpose.
Your mentor can help you learn to live your life with purpose.

One of the most common reasons that people seek self-improvement is because they want to live life with a purpose. Living life with a purpose means being in-line or working to develop an individual’s reason for being.

When a Lack of Purpose Leads to Unhappiness

One common reason why people become unhappy in life is because of living out of alignment with purpose. For example, an investment banker who really wants to sell custom furniture can leave a person feeling purposeless.

The Best Path to Success

The most fulfilling thing in life is to live with purpose. Living with purpose provides you with an unrivaled energy that can help you achieve success in other aspects of your life.

The following is a ladder of the different components of purpose that should be part of your daily mantra:

  • My purpose is clear to me;
  • I am evolving towards my purpose with ease and grace;
  • I will recognize the energy charge that comes from living with purpose; and
  • I am allowing purpose to flow within me and towards me.

Find Your Purpose Today

If you’re still in search of your purpose, or are wondering how to channel the energy your purpose provides into success, a life mentor can help. Contact Sheevaun Moran today for meaningful guidance starting now.

When Your Thought Energy Is the Thing Preventing You from Success

Think more positively
Positive thinking is a key part of financial success.

In order to reach financial and personal success, positive thinking is key. Unfortunately, though, too often we focus on the negative aspects of life or of a complication, entrenching ourselves in the problem rather than the solution.

Money and Energy

Money is the energetic equivalent of flow. But when you enter a state of mind where you are only focusing on a lack thereof, you’re building a dam. By constantly worrying, your thought energy is cancelling out any positive thinking, and any chances of success.

Your Thoughts Predict Your Future

It takes forty times more energy to use negative forces than it does to use positive forces. And if you don’t think that you’re going to have something, you won’t. When you’re worried people will take advantage of you, that’s exactly what they’ll do. In other words, the energy of your thoughts is powerful enough to manifest the results of your thoughts.

Figure Out Where Your Thought Energy is Stopping You

There’s a good chance that your thought energy is holding you back in one way or another. Take a look at your life and your business and figure out where your thought energy is getting dammed up.

To help you find your energy dam and get the flow going again, a life coach can help. For financial success coaching, contact Sheevaun Moran today.