Myths that Destroy Your Prosperity & Truth for Achieving Success

Reaching prosperity takes time and patience.
Reaching prosperity takes time and patience.




Here are some must-know myths and truths about reaching success:


  1. Money is Power: Money only has the power that you give it.
  2. High Risk Involves High Return: Following your intuition is the best asset you have for understanding risk and reward. Don’t let fear keep you from taking a risk, but don’t take a risk just because there’s a chance it will yield high return.
  3. Debt is Bad: Debt is bad depending on how you deal with debt. If you use it properly, and pay it off on time, debt can actually be a good thing.
  4. Success Lives and Dies by Numbers: this is mostly true. However, think about what the numbers do to your energy system; are they creating fear, or creating the energy you need?
  5. There’s Only So Much Good to Go Around: Don’t be fooled into thinking there’s not enough good to go around for you to get a piece of the pie. Asking for more is not being greedy.


  1. Do the Work You Love: End of story. The money will follow.
  2. Spend Less than You Make: Focus on always working and living a simple life.
  3. Have a Rainy Day Fund: Regardless of how much you earn or owe, put some dollars aside each month.
  4. Invest the Difference: If you know how to invest, do it. If not, find a professional who can help you.
  5. Entrepreneurship is Risky, But Rewarding: The freedom of entrepreneurship will be worth it in the long run. Be patient, and have faith.

To learn more about myths and truths in reaching success, contact life coach Sheevaun Moran today.

What it Means to Lead from the Center: An Important How-to Guide

When you lead from your center, you'll be more fulfilled and successful.
When you lead from your center, you’ll be more fulfilled and successful.

To be balanced or centered is a life-long goal of many, as it should be. To be balanced or centered all the time, however, is unrealistic. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth trying.

Becoming Centered

The first step to becoming centered is to know that you already have a powerful set of tools that can help. The second step is to understand how doing the most aligned and authentic work for your life and your clients is what leading from the center means. Not only does leading from the center lead to greater success, you’ll also feel happier and more fulfilled, too.

Connect to an Energy Source

When you lead from the center, you’re connect to a positive energy source. If you’re having trouble staying centered, learn what disconnects you. Is it:

  • Anger;
  • Resentment;
  • Jealousy;
  • Fear;
  • Envy;
  • Greed;
  • Worry; or
  • Mistrust?

When you identify the things that disconnect you, you can begin the journey of leading from the center.

Learn More About Leading from the Center

To learn the most advanced tools to become centered, grounded, and aligned, meet with Sheevaun Moran today. When you learn to lead from the center, money, health, wisdom, and success will follow.

Is someone stealing your limelight? How to Use Good Energy to Get Ahead

Use positive energy to kick your competition's butt.
Use positive energy to kick your competition’s butt.

Have you ever gotten that gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach when you see someone who’s doing what you want or has gotten an opportunity that you’ve been dying for? Or, have you ever tried to take initiative only to have another person one-up you?

You deserve the best in every aspect of your life and now is the time to get it. Here’s how:

An Energy Punch

That sinking feeling in your gut is an energy punch, and it’s reminiscent from your childhood when you were told that you did something wrong. It is a feeling that’s associated with being let down and being held back.

Taking Away Negative Energy

One way to alleviate an energy gut punch is to cut the cord from the negative event. Then, you’ll want to replace that event with a new image. If you don’t have a new image, you’ll use positive words like:

  • happy,
  • peaceful,
  • successful, or
  • courageous.

For help in doing this, you’ll need to use a life coach, mentor, or/and our Paramitas the System.

Get Your Power Back

You can use simple energy tools that are extremely powerful to get you results immediately. To learn how, reach out to life coach Sheevaun Moran to schedule a consultation today.

A Story About Elephants: Loving Animals and Nature Important for Spirituality

Animals can teach us a lot about energy and spirituality.
Animals can teach us a lot about energy and spirituality.

I have always been fascinated with elephants. However, I never dreamed that I would get to actually touch one in person, let alone ride one. But recently, I had that experience exactly, and it was amazing!

Caring for Elephants

Prior to my elephant experience, I had been saddened to learn that while elephants are key to Indian festivals and celebrations, they are often treated very badly. When we treat animals poorly, we are taking anger and frustration out on innocent and blameless creatures. In learning about the poor treatment of elephants, I thought I’d be satisfied just admiring elephants from afar.

Arriving in Bali

When I arrived in Bali for a conference, I found myself up close and personal with a beautiful elephant at the Bali Zoo. I then decided that if I had the opportunity to ride an elephant—but only one that was treated extremely well—I would.

Saving the Elephants

I was then turned onto a sanctuary for 32 elephants created by Nigel Mason, the founder of Elephant Safari Park. Mason started the park in 1997 after nine hungry and abused elephants approached him. It was here that I was able to ride Arun, a beautiful and magnificent animal.

What can elephants teach us?

One key thing that elephants teach us in observation is that nuzzling, playing, touch, and group work are all key elements of success, happiness, and prosperity. But when I rode Arun, I also realized something else that elephants can teach us: elephants have positive energy, and will open their hearts wide when given the opportunity. My heart is filled with gratitude for the people who have established the elephant sanctuary, and my spirit and energy is restored after being given the opportunity to interact with such magnificent creatures.

To learn more about how to restore your energy and spirit, consult with Sheevaun Moran today.

Mirrors and Reflections of Success: Understand the Energy You and Your Business Share

Your personal energy and business's energy mirror one another.
Your personal energy and business’s energy mirror one another.

A business is a reflection of the individual who owns or is managing it. This is also true for Internet businesses. Not only is a business a reflection of the individual, but specifically of the energy of that individual. Because a business and an individual are uniquely and energetically linked to one another, success is multi-causal.

What comes first – business or individual success?

Because business and individual success are intertwined, it is often difficult to understand which comes first. While some business models and products are successful enough to succeed on their own, an individual most almost always first achieve personal success before business success results. The success of your business should not define you; rather, your businesses success should be a mirror of your own energy.

Understanding Obstacles to Energy

Because a business is just a form of expression and energy of its owner, it’s pertinent to understand that your own negative energy can lead to financial ruin. When you own or/and run a business, you must know and understand your business’s energy. You must also understand preconceived notions about success and business. Any obstacles that you have personally—like ideas that you’re not capable, smart enough, etc.—must be removed.

Seek an Energy Business Review Today

If you want to reach optimal financial success, you need to challenge yourself to an energy business review today. During this review, you will learn more about the use of energy, and how aspects of your business can flow more smoothly. You’ll also learn:

  • how to resolve employee stress;
  • how to increase profit; and
  • how to gain more freedom.

To schedule your business’s energy review today, reach out to Sheevaun Moran now.