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Find Dollars Instead of Pennies

Find Dollars Instead of Pennies

Most of the time you’re searching for the smallest amount of money and increases in your business.

There are greater increases to be found all around you. Join me to find out where.

If You’re Mission Driven…



If you’re mission driven then you’ll not get as tired when you’re off your mission. Every time you’re away from your mission is when the mind and body act tired.


Humans regenerate more quickly, in health and wealth, because of a mission whereas a machine breaks down and does not regenerate. You’re not a well oiled machine until you have progress in your life and out of value conflict. Using the language of a machine as in the industrial age will help you feel more tired more quickly. Knowing how to use the conscious language of success and leveraged success is the key to mission accomplished.


To learn the language of conscious restoration, the infinite resources in your business, management style, income and health as well as energetics you’ll want to join me

Being Resourceful could lead to Huge $2 billion Successes

The results of $2Billion success story require this…


When you grow up and have to figure out how things work you become resourceful. Your curiosity could lead to you outrageous successes or inventions or connections.


Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Intrapreneurs (leaders in a larger organization) who are successful are more resourceful and more curious to have a new solution than those who have everything handed to them.


The CEO of Oculus, 20 year old college dropout, who invented a new way for Virtual Reality and gaming available to the public. He was curious and extremely resourceful and his company got bought out while he had only 50 employees.


I’ve loved traveling all my life and looking back on my “why” about traveling it’s about being resourceful. Travel has required me to speak to others I don’t know, learn a language or at least part of a language that I had no desire to learn at home, to take roads that were barely roads to get to my destination.


When you’re resourceful you exude passion, intensity and a never give up attitude. Successes happen when you’re open to new ways of being, doing and having and looking for solutions in the least likely places.


Email me one of your stories about how you are or have been resourceful, I’d love to hear about it! [email protected]

Relationships that Sparkle with Life

come-ritrovare-la-serenita-di-coppia_ce52ae2fd35e260e55f3cb982619355d 2When we ‘fall’ into love, we want to breathe in our lover. Love does nourish us, so the infusion of energy from someone that we care for brings a sense of magic into life. At some point though, we all need to re-join the ebb and flow of life, with a deep going in followed by allowing more space for our own renewal and integration in our relationships.


All too often, this natural flow isn’t something that most people in relationships know is important to establish. When we start a new relationship the world feels fresh with promise. Yet it seems an age-old mystery as to how we should fan the flames of the early love connection burning. Most people in long-term relationships would love to have more spark in their marriage, yet the question is what to do?


Every relationship needs a way to renew itself and find healing in order to overcome the tendencies that have us looking for greener grass. Unresolved issues build-up and create toxicity in our relationships. Over time that build-up creates a lot of disappointment, anger, resentment and inability to forgive. These are all signs of stagnation. We look for solutions by confiding in friends and family, seeking therapy or even considering splitting up.  Sometimes an ending is the right answer.


Yet all relationships are seasonal, we have periods of growth and expansion together, as well as times of needing to retreat and ponder. When a relationship is just beginning, it’s easy to be nourished by the initial synergy of two coming together, while in established bonds we usually have to encourage the spark of emotional intimacy and flow that is the core of relationship magic. I have developed a guided transformation technique that can help you to keep the spark alive between your partner/spouse and yourself.


The Relationship Healing Meditation CD has helped hundreds of couples on the brink of separation or divorce to come back into a healthy relationship. It removes the old muck that has built up and brings a clearer space so that a relationship can heal and be renewed. This recording can give you and your partner the freedom to love and be joyful again. With repeated use, old baggage that has burdened your life disappears. It can be used to find many forms of greater happiness–peace, harmony, respect, communication…and oh yes, some wonderful sexy sizzle.


-   See more at:

Finishing with the Gold


Each day we either reap the harvest of the inner clarity in our world…or we fumble around in the fuzziness of how we view the world. For many of my clients, I’ve found a need for healing of preconceived notions and past experiences that often overlay the ability to take action and move forward. The type of energetics I’m speaking about are forms of internal resistance that exist from past communications that were neither clear or constructive.


Whether we like it or not, a lot of our present energy is bound up in continuing to respond and react to things that were said to us a long time ago and are still circling around inside our heads. The range of messages that continue repeating from former friends, previous bosses, and our family members such as parents and grandparents, also keep us locked into living in ways that are far less than what we are capable of. As an example, one of these obstacles could be as simple as a statement that someone in the family made when you were young, such as “You never finish anything.”


All too often these kinds of messages have been internalized and are no longer conscious, so we may feel the frustration without any sense of how to resolve a situation that is lacking fulfillment. Yet it can be quite daunting trying to figure out why we are not moving forward.


This is where it’s really helpful to work with someone that can see outside the ‘box’ of the limited perspective that these kinds of miscommunications can produce when we take them to heart and hold onto them.


They can easily be removed allowing immediate results. When we learn more abut how to master our energy, the changes within will be reflected in how we communicate with the world, improving the quality of our present day relationships and paving the way for more success.


With the Winter Olympics offering so many inspiring stories right now, I’d invite you to ask yourself, “Where in my life would I like to go for the gold?”  Let me know how I can help you realize your own Olympian dreams of success.

Sleep Deprived and Crabby – No More

For the past several months I’ve been hearing from clients that they are exhausted. They aren’t feeling like they are motivated to do anything and that their brains feel mucky and thick. All they want to do is get through the day and go to bed.


Could it be that the winter had been pressing on everyone so much so that they cannot get enough rest while sleeping? It may be they have something going on inside that’s interrupting their sleep cycle. Maybe the stars and moon are misaligned? Or maybe it could be that they are just deprived of oxygen.


Radiant woman sleeping on her bed
The brain deprived of oxygen creates a headache. One of the first things that can create crabbiness is a deficiency of oxygen. It goes on from there that if the body is deprived of sufficient water, healthy live food, and rest, it will send excessive adrenaline into the system. Constant adrenaline running through the system is like an alarm going off nonstop. Our culture thrives on thrills, but the result is to feel crabby and burned out because too few of us know how to balance all this yang activity with more yin self-care.


Enter Valentines, a time of lighthearted love, amour and chocolates in great abundance. While this event can bring some overdoing with it, it also represents a time to stop and smell the roses with someone you care for, including yourself. It is a day to luxuriate in the good things of life and to breathe in sweet fragrances, and allow delicious tastes to tickle the tongue.


I’m not suggesting that we can just flip a switch and go from feeling exhausted and grouchy when we’re deprived of vital sustenance—enough sleep, oxygen or water for our bodies. So whether it is Valentine’s or another message we heed, we need to address the body’s call from exhaustion and depletion, and learn to respond with kind care, first toward ourselves so that we can be restored.


Rest and relaxation are two of the best antidotes to weariness that comes across as crabby. When we feel replenished, grouchiness vanishes, and once again we feel the luscious desire to be connected with care to the dear ones in our lives.

Abundance Comes Because of Healing of Hearts

6a00e398e05cc4000500fad6a6e1fc0005500piThe physical heart is an amazing organ, beating consistently from early in the womb, until we finish our walk in life. The ‘drum’ of the heart keeps up this rhythm through all our ups and downs. In a lifetime, it is estimated that the human heart beats 2.5 billion times­ barely skipping a beat­ regardless of what is happening and how we feel about our lives at any time.


Even with all this continuity, most of us have hearts that are in need of healing. We have deep-seated heartache due to loss that started when we were children, and we’ve been collecting pain along the way that could use some help to resolve. While we may think that we’re doing fine because our heart keeps on beating, we need to take care of it, not only physically to provide good nutrition and exercise, but to nourish our emotional heart as well. While there’s no real formula for healing a troubled heart that has been heavy for years, it does need good long doses of ‘TLC’ before it begins to regain its true strength.


It is interesting some of the terms we have with heart ­there’s brave heart, sweetheart, heart of gold, heart-felt and heart-warming. At one time we’ve all acknowledged someone that has a “big” heart. Does this mean that the person has a heart that is bigger than ordinary? Is a bigger heart good to have since it usually brings with it larger doses of pain to handle?


These are questions that don’t have simple answers. Why is it that one person with a lot of pain lives a turbulent life, whose best strategy for minimizing pain is to shut people out, while another may use the heart’s pain to tenderize his/her heart and open to greater levels of compassion and tolerance for others?


Like the mystery of how the heart beats so consistently through the course of our lives, as well, how we are healed may not be visible, but we know when it feels right and the heart is rejuvenated.


When we put our hearts into things that we care for, it enriches our lives, fulfills our dreams, lightens the load of stress, allows for improvement in business, leadership and relationships in all parts of life AND brings much needed healing. So in this month of celebrating love, I encourage you to ‘follow your heart’ to achieve what you desire most in your life. I’m here to provide more heart-smart strategies if you could use a boost.


Tools of Change

Recently I watched a TedxTalk that illustrates how becoming aware of our authentic creative juiciness is empowering. A group of designers worked with some art students that were aptly identified as ‘makers.’ Through this creative initiative, many new projects were born, and wven more importantly, lots of young people found a new way to think about being a tool.


The designer-in-charge of the project admitted during the talk that his professional training to remain in control of the situation had to be jettisoned, so that he could become a fulcrum that fostered new perspectives among his ‘maker’ group, rather than driving the process to meet a specified goal. As someone that is used to managing outcomes, at the beginning he had to let go of his fear that there might not be anything to show at the end of the experiment. His fears were quite unfounded.


I wanted to share this, because we need to allow ourselves permission to let go of control, to realize that beyond our fairly codified ways of living are vast opportunities to grow and realize who we are with so much more depth and richness than we can ever arrive at by exercising our mental ways of maintaining ‘control’ of life.

I find TEDxTalks a very accessible way to be inspired by people that have taken a leap to move beyond the limiting power that fear exerts to keep them from being successful on their own terms.


I invite you to watch this one and see what it sparks in you. We like to think that there’s a specific map to success in life. Yet creative people know that it’s often the openness to the unexpected that allows the opportunity for new solutions and opportunities to manifest that would otherwise have not appeared because we’re busy controlling everything. What I love about this piece is that it shows how we can see things differently at any time and become positive tools for catalyzing  change!


Enjoy this talk and let me know what you think:


Abundance and the Unknown Loop

tehmindWe have the potential, in the next several decades, to create a new world of abundance beyond our wildest imagination as we learn to access our own inner resources of energy.


Ironically, most of us have an ‘abundance’–of scarcity thinking. Optimally, we need to learn the technology to turn this overflow of negative thoughts into true abundance that enriches and prospers our lives.


Why aren’t we doing this? Our little amygdala is getting in the way. This tiny part of the brain located in the temporal lobes essentially feeds on the negative or bad news. It thinks it is protecting us with its intense focus on all kinds of threats, perceived and actual. In our early evolution we were in need of a security system to protect us from the unknown, and this area of the brain developed for this purpose. Yet today, being mired in a closed loop of negative and stress-filled thoughts is no formula for success.


At some point over the past many millennia, this program and part of the brain needed to get overwritten with new code, because the amygdala is reactively ‘protective’ in ways that run counter to healthy development and outer success.


Today the unknown is where the fold into the gold lies. This unknown is calling us forward with our intuition to move into our highest goals and dreams.


At any given time throughout the day, the energy we have at your disposal is 11 million kilowatts per pound. With the size of the brain, this is roughly translated into $85 billion of energy.


Imagine…what the possibilities could be with this kind of

wattage directed in a positive way to create your new future?


Making effective use of this energy is my passion and my mission to share how to power your life, family, relationship, and business with more positive energy than you are accessing today. Each one of us is an endless source of energy–we are the future of abundance here on the planet.


As an author and founder of Energetic Solutions, I use ancient energy technology to power up your health and success.


The Wonders of Water

waterIt is now the season of sacred holidays among many of the world’s religious traditions. Since water is synonymous with spirit in the West, as well as in many traditional cultures, it is a good time to consider how we relate to this mundane and yet most mystical element.


Our first home is in the water.  When we are born we are about 75-80% water, yet as we age, most of us have greater and greater degrees of dehydration as we literally become less ‘fluid.’ Lots of our daily symptoms of discomfort can be traced to the body’s feedback, whether a headache or eye irritation, telling us that we need to have more hydration to function and adequately flush toxins from our system.


Water is a necessity for our lives on the physical level, even if we have become accustomed to drinks, such as from Starbucks, that are loaded with dehydrating caffeine and sugar. The body still cries for water, it is the medium for thousands of exchanges in order for us to not only survive, but thrive.


On the level of spirit, water too, is a necessity. Water, water, it’s everywhere, but where do we get a spiritual sip of water amidst all the demands of daily life?  Water is spiritually synonymous with renewal; to be regenerated in ways that are tangible and meaningful. Spiritually, water is nourishment we cannot live without. Like the eight glasses of water per day that are recommended, here are some suggestions to start with to have your daily drink of spiritual water as well:


  1. Smile at everyone you can.  Smiling, like water, is instantly renewing and will often bring a lot of bright ‘sunshine’ your way in return.


  1. In the midst of feeling wound up in problems and stress, find a way to close your eyes and breathe, visualizing something that is nurturing and/or beautiful.


  1.  Send a handwritten note to someone that you care about and have not been in touch with for a while.  It does wonders to sprinkle some water of care over your feelings for others and keep friendships alive.


  1. While it might seem overstated, countering the daily swirl of thoughts with something that slows and soothes, like mantras, mental offerings of gratitude, and remembering sweet times shared will do much to help find grounding and new momentum, feeling restored.


  1. We often focus on forgiving others and forget that it is extended more readily if we extend it to ourselves when a harsh inner critic is making life miserable.  We do not have to be perfect to be lovable!


  1. Close your eyes and place a beautiful flower in the center of your chest. In the center of that the flower place an image of someone you love dearly and say “I love you so very much.”  Sit for a moment and be open as the love returns to you in waves. Remember that all life gets fuel from water and this may just fill up your tank and those around you. Click here for this guided journey.


So in this season of the sacred we can sip and sup upon the wonders of water in all it’s ways to restore and regenerate.  May you be well watered in 2014!


I’m available for questions and to help you launch your intentions into manifesting fulfillment. Call me at (714) 374-1988.

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