Sheevaun Moran

Sheevaun Moran

“We weren’t sure if you were going to make it”.

It’s over 15 years ago and I’m in a hospital bed. A near lethal sepsis incident had almost got the best of me.

“I had healed myself.” That thought leapt into my mind, followed by the resounding echo of truth.

For as long as I can remember I have been aware, seeing and sensing more than most people around me.

As a child I was perplexed by the differences of what someone would say, what they would think in their minds, and the different energies and body language that would arise when speaking in opposition to what their actual thoughts.

As I watched, a pattern began to emerge. It took some time to covert all this into a process that others could understand, but I started immediately using it to find and share solutions for a complex problem. A look of surprise would often follow my solutions, but as people tried them, they just worked.

My mother had the foresight to get me into a coding school. That helped me put into place building blocks that allowed a flow of expressing the solution in a more palatable way for others.

After coding school, I found myself wanting to understand the depths of how a market and communication, and sales all fit together to drive success.

Once I moved to California, I was certain that it was the place that held more possibilities.

It was there I married and several years later my husband died suddenly and then a year later due to the grief and not wanting to live that I found myself in an emergency room nearly losing my own life.

That’s when things all started to fall into place.

Not long after healing myself from the near-lethal sepsis incident, I helped three companies build their dream, scale, and sell for hundreds of millions of dollars. It was here that I fully began blending my love of business with the energetic solutions ®. Business and energy for me is like solving a puzzle that is unique to the entrepreneur, CEO, or leader and my aim is to blend customized solutions for their energy, their unique prosperity template, and the ultimate ease of living a better day while growing and scaling a business.

As a leader, you’re faced with energies that drain and deplete, difficulties in quickly resetting, and the need to restore and re-energize. Consciousness and mindset need a complete revision to achieve more clarity for rapid deployment and greater rewards, prosperity, and life enjoyment on the journey of success stacking.

My skills make me a powerful decode ally for what the core issue is so that we can create a simplified and cohesive solution. It just so happens that these solutions result in prosperity on many many levels!

When you’re facing uncertainty, stuck-ness, or a mountain of issues, it’s important that you regain clarity in your windshield so that you can see where you are to plan ahead even better.

Helping leaders and CEOs is where my heart lies so that you can help ‘dent the world’ in your own ways and get back into alignment with your unique ability.

Life is too short to be floundering and not being in your zone of flow and genius.

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