Who is your work for...?

I work with people (men and women and all pronouns) who have a mission, vision and want to bring something awesome to the world while prospering much much more.

What if I don’t feel that I’m brilliant, does your work with average people who want a change?

Everyone is brilliant in some way and feeling are one way but the brilliance of you shines through as you are more lit up inside fulfilling more of your souls and life's work. Let's unlock that brilliance.

How do I know your work is going to work?

Every single client has defined the success of our work together differently. I tend to see success as all parts of your being more prosperous and working more in harmony and alignment and that there's more flow and ease.

Where is the best place to start?

It always begins with a conversation to ensure that there's a connection and something ahead. Go to the http://sheevaunmoran.com/chat to begin.

It seems that you only work with a specific situations...

I work with people who have a big vision and are ready to get the results they're craving. Most often it is a small business owner, some are start-ups, some are up to a few hundred million and others are people who want to make an impact and have their income align in much grander ways. When I work with someone I always help them with the whole of their being - physical, financial, eq, team/relationships/family, spiritual, mindset. And while many people come to me to sort our their business circumstances it really is a human circumstance. I always say “If you have a bank account, you have a business”.

Where do you work from?

I work via phone and Skype.

What size of businesses have you worked with?

Nugget of an idea, start-up, funding phase, made some money and can’t keep things rolling phase, want to break from the pack phase all the way to one client whose revenue was half a billion dollars (which was an exception).

I prefer to work from the place of idea, stuck or need funded phase. This is where my entrepreneurial resources are most valued and I love this phase because it’s growth and / or fixing the foundation because most foundations of ideas and companies are cracked or even broken.

Do you have on-line courses?

Yes…I have many online and self study courses. Some are geared toward the starting or restarting, some are just for a quick revival of mind or energy or more clarity and some are for regular use. give my office a call - 714.374.1988 - to find out which may fit you best or if you need a quick fix then go here shop.sheevaunmoran.com/collections

Are you available for speaking or radio or podcasts?

I am always open to the right conversations. Please send an email to [email protected]

You seem to talk a lot about money, I thought you dealt with energetics?

I have found over the course of the years that everyone must get repaired from the money standpoint. Money is the cause of too much pain and suffering and confusion and my Ignite Your Prosperity 7 Weeks to Cash gets things on track financially and energetically.

Are there advanced energetics trainings you offer?

Yes, but only if you have attended one of my events and we’ve gotten to know each other.

I want to learn about how the energy and business work hand in hand and maybe how to offer this in my coaching / consulting. How can I do that?

That also begins with a conversation. There is a training program for this that is highly structured and I'd be excited to share with you how it works.

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Who isn't the right fit for working with me...

I am not for everyone. I tend to be very direct and clear about how to help you get results. You are not my ideal client if you don't have some connection to a source greater than ourselves, if you're a doubter, someone who does complains or gossips, you don’t have any vision of what you want to achieve, you aren’t resistant or unwilling to shift your perception or just constantly negative , if you don’t make commitments and keep them, if you don't have a desire to be of more contribution to the good of the world and your own fulfillment.

By now you have a sense if there's more to chat about and here's how to reach me: [email protected] or http://sheevaunmoran.com/chat 

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How long does it usually take?

There are a few ways I work with client:
1. A VIP day where I work with you to find out where the obstacle/s is or where we can maximize or even plan the process to get results faster.

  1. 2. Four months where we work intensively to get results.

  2. 3. Mastermind with an awesome group of committed business owners.

  3. 4. Curated and concierge type of work with you one on one.

What system do you use?

I created a system by having my first business at eleven. What occurred after that was I landed at a dream small business and was one of a few of the first employed there and we grew that business to it being sold to Rubbermaid. I then went on to help several others and created a unique success system that always incorporated subtle energetics that allow the body, mind, relationships, spirit and resulted in great financial rewards and results. The system is one where I have a unique ability to help my clients - it's somewhat like ex-ray vision to see into the client and their business ultimately finding blocks and helping clients to resolve them and create flow in every area.

What does energy have to do with my success?

Because energy is the essence of every single action, mind thought and part of all of our life, health and business. I mend this energy that is disconnected or has gotten disconnected from you and your success paradigm of how business thrives and prospers.


Want to know about your Secret Energy

Patterns that affect your business?

It is in giving we receive. Sheevaun has co-founded and contributes a portion of all sales to Create A BLOGBright Life, a 501c3

helping those in need for over 14 years. We also plant one tree per YouTube Subscriber and strive to be carbon-free.