A: Yes! I feel that everyone has something locked inside that is brilliant and I’m incredibly talented and passionate about getting your treasures out into the world.
A: No, I actually have about a 50/50 demographic of men and women
A: You don’t until you come to one of our events or get on a call with one of our team.
A: You don’t until you come to one of our events or get on a call with one of our team.
A: While many people come to me to sort our their business circumstances it really is a human circumstance. I always say “If you have a bank account, you have a business”. I say this because everyone has a dream and needing to know how money works whether in the idea phase or the I’m pretty good but not quite sure but I know something is not working phase.
A: I work via phone and Skype.
A: Nugget of an idea, start-up, funding phase, made some money and can’t keep things rolling phase, want to break from the pack phase all the way to one client whose revenue was half a billion dollars (which was an exception).

I prefer to work from the place of idea, stuck or need funded phase. This is where my entrepreneurial resources are most valued and I love this phase because it’s growth and / or fixing the foundation because most foundations of ideas and companies are cracked or even broken.
A: Yes…give my office a call to find out which may fit you best or if you need a quick fix then go here shop.sheevaunmoran.com/packages
A: Please send an email to author@sheevaunmoran.com
A: I have found over the course of the years that everyone must get repaired from the money standpoint. Money is the cause of too much pain and suffering and confusion and my Ignite Your Prosperity 7 Weeks to Cash gets things on track financially and energetically.
A: Yes, but only if you have attended one of my events and we’ve gotten to know each other.



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