The Health of Words: How Language Impacts Physical, Mental, & Financial Wellbeing

The words we choose have power over our wellbeing.
The words we choose have power over our wellbeing.

When we speak, we think about the words that we choose to convey our messages. However, the average person thinks about their words as a package to make meaning rather than thinking about each individual word. When we think about each individual word, on the other hand, we have more control of our wellbeing.

Words and Physical, Mental, and Financial Health

The words that you choose to use have a large impact on your physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. Words trigger emotions, both in you and in the people to whom you speak. And, much like tangible objects, emotions can be felt and touched. These emotions can have a greater impact than you may initially understand.

The Power of Words

When you learn to discern the difference in your words, you have a greater opportunity to improve your wellbeing and your positive energy. Negative words, like “worry,” are associated with negative feelings and negative energy. This negative energy can make you sick and lead to financial failure.

The Connection You Need to Know About

There is an ongoing energetic connection between each and every person’s:

  • internal thoughts;
  • secrets; and
  • ongoing impressions.

When you are at the mercy of your negative energy and negative words, you need a life coach to teach you positive thinking and how to use positive energy. Sheevaun Moran, life coach, mentor, and financial guru, can help.


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