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How to Find Your Passions in Life (and Happiness Along the Way)

Have you found your passion in life?

Finding a passion is a key part of purpose and happiness during life. Unfortunately, many people are misdirected and have no idea what their passion even is, let alone how to apply it in everyday life. The following considers some practical ways for discovering your passion:

Stop While You Are Ahead

One way to find your passion is through process of elimination – if you are doing something which you know outright that you do not enjoy and are not passionate about, and find no purpose in doing, stop! Sometimes, urgency is exactly the push you need to find out what you want to do next.

Pay Attention to Curiosity

Surely, you have some hobbies or curiosities at the very least? Have you always wanted to try pottery but never have? Do you find yourself giving out health advice to friends and family members? Are you addicted to the outdoors? Think about it this way: if you had millions of dollars (so money wasn’t an issue and you didn’t have to work) what would you do?

Place Moolah on the Proper Burner

We know money is important, but if you can manage it don’t make money your number one priority. In fact, when you start paying less attention to money and more attention to your passions, you may find that the money starts flowing nonetheless.

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