The Advantages Of Emotional Crying

Emotional crying seems to be a behavior unique to humans. Only humans routinely cry out of sadness and other complex emotions.

We cry tears of joy and weep when overcome with sorrow. We tend to cry at the beginning of a union at weddings and also at the end of a romantic relationship.

The emotions experienced at these moments go beyond words. It is not enough to say we are happy or sad. Somehow crying helps us to communicate where words fail.

Bottling up emotions is an unhealthy habit that tends to affect your physical (as well as emotional) health.

Men, especially, are taught that weeping is feminine and are hence discouraged from expressing their emotions through shedding tears.

But, research shows that holding back tears can have several negative implications for the body. It results in a weakened immunity, increased anxiety, poor digestion, and impaired memory.

Emotional Crying is a form of catharsis

What Happens When You Burst Into a Fit of Emotional Crying?

A biochemist, Dr. William Frey, studied the composition of emotional tears (in comparison with tears induced by chopping onions). The study showed higher levels of hormones and neurotransmitters when people shed emotional tears.

One of the purposes of emotional crying is to remove stress chemicals.

Perhaps Aristotle was right when he said that crying cleanses the mind (and body).

Shedding tears, as psychologists observe, is a soothing and self-healing function. People who regularly cry are reportedly more empathetic and tend to be more connected to others.

Whether crying is a soothing process or a an expression of deep sadness, it helps us to clear out our current emotions. Maybe crying actually supports the old adage that we sometimes need to feel worse before we can feel better. 

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