Breaking Through Your Untruths | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 4

In this episode, we discuss breaking through your untruths. Just like a seedling must break through the ground, a business must rise up to the occasion and break through to the other side.

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Once a tree or seedling breaks through the ground and comes up into the air, it’s exposed to the elements, it’s exposed to all of the different things that could kill it. And when we have a business, we are in a similar proposition because once we break ground and we really get our ideas out there is when the real true work starts. But that’s not always the way it seems. It seems more like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t get through to the other side.”

It’s almost like you’re planting a seed again, only this time it is going to take even more work than before. The same can be said for your business; when we reach our plateau in life and need something new – whether that means changing careers or taking on some additional responsibilities at home–we have an opportunity as well but often times find ourselves faced with challenges which make us ask “How did I get here?” 

“What am I missing?”

The fascinating thing about a tree is that it has so many things to accomplish. It’s meant for nourishment, protection and stability of the earth as well as giving back by using what was given them in order bring about new life on this planet- all around us! When there isn’t really an established root system or foundation – like with businesses without strong ideas– then these seeds can become compromised which will allow problems such as disease/injury resulting from poor health.

You couldn’t. You shouldn’t. It’s too hard. It’s too much. It’s going to take too much time. You’re not there yet. You’re too old. You’re too young, you’re not smart enough, you’re not pretty enough. You don’t have a good enough social following or standing. You don’t have what it takes.

These are just a few of the thoughts that go through our mind when we feel like there’s no way for us to succeed. But you have all these qualities, and more than anything else in this world! You can do it if anyone else could- so don’t give up on yourself before even getting started. You should be confident with who YOU ARE because nobody cares how much other people think about them as long they’re happy themselves.

The seed of every person is planted in their soul, just as a tree’s roots are found deep within the earth. We all have unique ideas and ways to express them because our codes come from who we truly are-a being with potential like any other!

I don’t know what your destiny is, but I do know this: it’s not always easy to find yourself. Some of us are meant for one thing and some people may have different paths in life They say that we’re all born with a certain amount of potential – whatever you want to call that energy or force inside us which determines how much creativity will come out when something goes wrong within our bodies (sometimes those things happen). One thing about being an entrepreneur though; no matter whether someone starts off as employee/ worker bee like myself at first before becoming self employed later on down the line- there’ll still be plenty more surprises waiting around every corner.

You can’t get ahead if you don’t know how to use your own power. The tree is designed for self-sufficiency and independence, but most people are taught not be entrepreneurs or have their own moneymaker because in school they were told that it was dangerous – “don’t try this at home.” People need courage when learning new things; we all have a different level of comfort with risk which makes some fearful than others (like me).

We have to relearn how it all works. We’re actually programming ourselves out of this process with the negativity that comes into our lives, both external and internal – those are usually worse for you as an individual because they come from within yourself rather than something outside yourself. 

But if you’re not “already there” it just means that your focus has gotten distracted, waylaid or taken a wrong turn. Maybe the right things are being done in an inappropriate order and need to be rerouted towards their intended goal without any further delay? A tree may act as both guidepost for others around them who also want guidance on what direction they should head next but also teach new life lessons through experience while helping strengthen our own resolve when faced with challenges similar.

The world we live in today is one where people are taught to believe that once they leave school, everything will be okay and there’s no need for help. But this couldn’t possibly be further from the truth! We really do need other human beings with us on our journey through life – somebody who’ll guide us when necessary as well as hold hands along the way; it could make all of those hard parts easier if you had an advocate looking after your interests too… You need somebody with you on your journey through life – a guide and holder of hands. It could make those hard parts easier if you had an advocate looking after what’s important to YOU too! If there are things that need expression in this world, they should come out as contributions; not just intake or inflow but also breath-outflow (inflows) which cleanses the environment while reloading it with fresh oxygenated air.”

Oxygen is essential for life – it’s what makes us alive! And trees are just fantastic at getting their hands on some of that gas. They take in all those precious molecules and transform them into something we can breathe easily again: fresh, clean air full off oxygenated particles which enrich our planet with nutrients.

We can see and feel the quietness of a tree as it gets stronger, grows in its strength. And yet we humans are trying to express ourselves through clothing or jewelry that has been created with our needs at heart; but these items only cover up what is really inside: an inner desire for growth–whether spiritual, emotional or physical! It’s time you started bursting free from old patterns so they don’t hold me back any longer – because this life was meant just be shared-of contribution & value!!!

The human race is designed to do something extraordinary. We’ve all got a purpose, and that’s what we’re here for-to contribute in some way or another! It doesn’t matter if you think your life has been bad so far–you still have the power within yourself right now (and every day) decide how it will be different next time around; whether its sharing this message with others…making them understand why they should care about their own well being too.

We can see and feel the quietness of a tree as it gets stronger and grows and does its work and does its job. And yet we as humans, our little souls are really trying to express themselves and the things that it really needs to shed are the shells that are around the seed and to really start popping through more out of the earth into our own environment, into our courage and opportunities and what we’re here to do. Our unique imprint is meant to get out there and be shared in a way that is of contribution and value. That is what you have been designed to do. That is what you have really chosen to do by coming here on the planet and somewhere along the line you’ve gotten trapped, you’ve gotten traumatized, you’ve gotten terrorized, you’ve gotten terminated, you’ve gotten all kinds of torture.

And the fact of the matter is, those are just energies that really need to be cleaned up. And that’s what we teach you in the Energetic Business Blueprint. And the fascinating thing about this blueprint is it helps you get back to your roots and get back to your essence and get back to that light that is inside of you so that you can pop through and be what you’re here to be and be who you are here to express and how to express it and really, really monetize it. Meaning reaps the rewards of what you’re putting out there. A tree doesn’t say, Oh, I’m just going to hold back. I’m not going to grow. I’m not going to do what I’m here to do. I’m just going to really stunt myself. It doesn’t, a little bonsai tree is not a bonsai tree out of choice. It’s a bonsai tree because somebody has nurtured it to be small and compact and look and be in a particular way. But a tree that has that seedling and imprint is here to be this fullest and greatest opportunity of the tree and the branches and the leaves and the expression of it.

So where are you stuck?

Where are you holding back and where are you not really, really being who you are here to be and how you’re here to be. And that’s what this podcast is about, is for you to take this metaphor of the tree and this metaphor of life and living and turn it into something that is your own unique spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, relational, and financial expression that is exactly right for you. So that you’re here to really inflow and outflow, intake, prosperity, and share prosperity as you give, you are designed and entitled to receive.

And that’s what I want you to be gaining from this podcast. If you want the blueprint, you’re going to go to And if you want to reach out to us and know more about our work, then go to and reach out to me, say hello, and tell me a little bit about what you’re struggling with. I want to hear what’s going on with you and how this tree metaphor is affecting you and your success in your journey. Until next time, have a wonderful growth-filled inflow outflow day.

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