Being Comfortably Uncomfortable with Your Growth Pattern  

There is a lot to learn from the success of others - are you paying attention?
Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

The growing pains of personal improvement are common. Because personal growth can be uncomfortable and emotional, some people may shy away from it rather than confronting it head on. However, in order to become the best version of yourself, you must learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable nature of self growth.

Why Growth Is Painful

The process of self-growth is not easy, nor should it be. This is because attaining your goals should take work; if you make goals that are achievable with little effort, you are not pushing yourself nor making personal gains. Goals should be challenging. Further, you have to recognize that along the path to achieving your goals, you will likely fail multiple times. Failure can be exhausting and very emotional to cope with. Read how to move yourself forward when you’re not ready here.

How to Become Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

So, how does one become comfortable with being uncomfortable? The first step is to recognize the fact the process will be painful. When you recognize this and accept this, everything else will be easier. Reach out to me to learn more.

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