Overcome the 7 Energies that Zap Your LIFE!

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There are many things in life that zap your energy. Some are logical and tangible and then there are others, many others, that are less tangible and physical. This eBoook gives you the keys to identify and solve many of the zapping energy. It will clear what could be challenging you and your energy system and keeping you from achieving happiness, success, peace or joy.


A few of the energy zappers include other people draining you and how to overcome that, depression and what you could

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Re-Write Your Autobiography of Money

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Did you know that if you change your habits and patterns that your prosperity will change immediately?


Are you aware that when you change the habits and patterns that your lineage, ancestors and past habits stuck in your DNA that YOUR prosperity will improve.


These are proven facts and proven by many including Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and more.  The keys are within you and waiting to be unlocked.


Change your abundance and wealth by changing your past and patterns. Did you ever hear your parents say that money doesn’t grow on trees, we can’t afford it, what do you think – I’m made of money, money is the root of all evil, people who have money have done something bad to get it and many others? These are things that have been passed from generation to generation and they may be holding you back.


If you ever wanted to be prosperous and knew that you had blocks, but couldn’t determine what holds you back or suspected that something in your past was holding you back, this workbook will help you unleash your abundance and give you the ability to re-write your money history right now!!!


It is full of incredibly powerful exercises to clear the obstacles – fast. This allows for the body, brain and energetic system to align and make way for instant prosperity. Hundreds have used these techniques and have gotten new jobs, raises, free vacations and manifested new cars, new houses and new relationships. Are YOU ready?


Past patterns and limiting beliefs keep us stuck in a rut with not enough money. This workbook is the culmination of the workshop by Sheevaun Moran, called Prosperity Consciousness. The steps in this book will help you change your habits and patterns once and for all – allowing more abundance and money into your life. Let’s get to work and have that prosperity that you richly deserve.


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Energetic Solutions for Personal Power

Sheevaun Moran’s exclusive eBook: Energetic Solutions for Personal Power in Every Aspect of Your Life, will help you identify and remove your energy blockages and pave the way for personal success.  Learn how to ramp up your cellular energy by examining everything in your life from your relationships to your environment.

We uncover 12 areas of your mind, body, finances, emotions, financial that keep you from radiant self esteem, vibrant curiosity, the ability to fascinate others, where you get stuck and more.

Every chapter has techniques to get your mojo back and make it work for you in every area of life.

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Manifesting Book – Shotgun Shopping

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So you don’t have a lot of money and yet still want and deserve a wonderful life and beautiful things? Law of Attraction only worked for a short time or not at all?

Well so did I and I had to learn how to do this, often without much more than a few dollars in my bank account. I got many thousands of dollars worth of clothes, shoes, business services, a piano, a house and so many other things through what I share with you in this book.

Here’s an audio file of an interview where I go into a lot of detail about how to get what you want without much money and how to get your mate to get you what you want.

Manifesting is easy if you have the exact steps, in full detail, and ..

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the courage to take action and follow them. Without manifesting the right things you end up with a misfiring. Get what you want at the price you want without compromise. So you’ve always wanted more and you’re not willing to settle for anything other than exactly what you want. This book is written just for you. The metaphor of shopping is used because we shop for things every day – parking place, new jobs, new apartments, new clothes and on and on. These techniques WORK each and every time so that you get get what you want. I’m going to…place my guarantee on it and if in 60 days you don’t see results then return it and we’ll return your purchase price, no questions. Why not learn principles and tool and techniques that really work. the book Shotgun Shopping is filled with a treasure trove of techniques that when used will actually happen to manifest exactly what you want. You’ll even have even more money in your bank account. Shotgun Shopping book has been seen in the hands of Jennifer Garner, Debra Messing, Sarah Michele Geller, Valerie Waters, Oxana Bayul – Skater.

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Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes – book

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Paperback Book


Want more peaceful day, mind, schedule, life?
You know you need something to take the edge off and don’t want to use pharmaceuticals?
Have moments where life is just too much to take?

I was once there – overworked, over stressed, running a million miles and then WHAM my body got sick and nearly died. “Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes” gives you the quickest start to meditation for the first time or reigniting the meditation practice you once had. These techniques have been tested and proven to work with tens of thousands and you’ll be using them in a matter of minutes. It may save your life like it ..
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did mine.

Learn from the expert meditation teacher, ex corporate junkie and now Master of Energy how to get quiet and meditate in just two minutes. These are the most simplified techniques to ensure you achieve success at peace and meditation from the start. Sheevaun Moran has taught thousands in the boardroom to the bathroom how to meditate in two minutes for the past 15 years and shares her wisdom and techniques in this easy to use book. Each chapter has enough in it to alter stress forever. You may not have stress again after using the techniques she shares in this book. They are simple and yet profoundly powerful. The most experienced meditator’s and the novice all benefit from the step by step wisdom.

Meditation has been proven to relieve pain and stress. It has been proven to improve clarity and focus and it has been proven to help heal relationships. The more internally peaceful you are the more vibrant your health and through the Learn to Meditate in Two Minutes – for the Lazy, Crazy and Time Deficient book you get there fast. Sheevaun has taught meditation for over 15 years to corporate boardrooms, engineers, lawyers, accountants, teachers, firemen, police officers, prisons, schools and you’ll find that these techniques she shares in this book will enhance your meditation practices or if you’re just learning for the first time. She’s provided the most amazing techniques in this guidebook.

This is the most simplified of all meditation teachings available for anyone of any skill level or any other practices. Enjoy! Download Audio for only $19.99 Paperback Book eBook

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