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How To Be Spiritual And Not Broke – Follow Your Dreams Without Breaking The Bank

Are you struggling with money? Is this struggle limiting the full expression of your purpose in life? And yet, are you spiritual and wondering why…

Why You’re So Tired From Working Harder

Work smart, not hard. We fail to realize the extra dimension that is hidden in this often repeated statement. Working harder does not equate to…

Achieving Your Path with Ease

Your goals need to be big and audacious. They also need to be achievable. That means the path you set for yourself needs to be…

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The Power Of Language In Correcting Self-Doubt

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3 Simple Strategies To Develop Your Self Confidence Today

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Many people tell me they can bring it in but the keeping it seems to be like sand through fingers. . The real deal of success is giving, getting/recieving, keeping some and rinse and repeat. But one has to allow the day in and day out to be inspired enough to maintain and grow consistently. Ahhh the perils of growing a thriving business. #entrepreneurial #consistencyiskey #makeadent #successsecrets #spiritual #energeticsolutions #prosperitycoaching

How To Turn Your Problems Into Creative Challenges

A little creativity goes a long way to solving your problems. We all know the power of creative thinking but still, find it difficult to…

Love the truth of this. I have been underestimated so many times throughout my life. It brings a twinkle to my eye when someone thinks or says I cannot when I know it’s totally possible. . Don’t let them get under your skin if they do underestimate you. Rise, rise, rise and shine brighter than ever. Great reminder @sarablakely !! .. #sarablakely #entrepreneur #quotesaboutlife #womenhelpingwomen

Simple Ways To Express Gratitude And Appreciation To People

Gratitude is a powerful expression that touches the giver just as much as it touches the recipient. Saying ‘thank-you’ when it is not expected is…