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Purification is one of the most necessary aspects of conscious growth.

Purification is one of the most necessary aspects of conscious growth.

The levels of consciousness are many and yet teachers, coaches, authors, healers, ministers and spiritualists make it seem as if there is only one level. This may be unintentional but never the less, after reading self-help book covers and scanning the articles in self-help magazines, they all give the appearance of one level.


What I’m saying is that there are levels of energy and levels of consciousness. When you consider energy and its levels you are taking into account the levels of development of each person and being. As a child is born and goes through stages so too does an adult on the path of consciousness and the levels of energy that affect you.


In the early phases of being awakened there’s a wide eyed approach and a need for knowledge. The unconscious is having its tantrums and the consciousness is gorging. You can only do this so long until you must become aligned with your higher self, conscious and unconscious, and its best interest. Your path can only be awakened to the tune of how much you purify, clear, or resolve.


Release Your Muck

Purification is one of the most necessary aspects of conscious growth. Without purification the ups and downs of the mucked up energy body, physical, emotional mental.


This is a concept that has been mistaken on so many levels that most dare not even bring it up. Yet, purification is the very thing that brings energy and consciousness together on the path of spiritual growth.


If you remain angry and do not purify those tendencies then your growth is negated. This is similar to someone who says they meditate on loving kindness every day  and yet judges and criticizes others. The contradiction will only allow minute progress.


The release, purification of negative habits, tendencies, programs, patterns and attitudes is necessary for upward movement in consciousness. Here’s a video for you to release some muck from your life (I call the much poopieville) and move into alignment.


Achieve Beyond Contradiction

A client today was going through a rough time because she was rejected from the request for a good deal of compensation increase. She was in contradiction declaring that she was happy with her current position, income and home and yet she was longing for a larger home and more money so she could help many others. The contradiction of this statement is pure disappointment and ensures the ability for this to cycle round again and again.


Contradiction is what one does to pretend that there’s not a disappointment and really dive deep into the true desire. True desire is essential but getting very clear on your true desire is the first step of achieving the objective.


Solving this is a purification process I call “right thought equates to right outcome”. To purify to get to a right thought, you have to be willing to look at the results you’re not happy with, whether it’s money or health, and really dive into the why of your desire, the thoughts you’ve been having and only THREE thoughts you will have to replace all the confusion and contradiction.


My client got off the phone with me after the exercise then called her client and asked for the increase. Because my client was clear on the outcome, clear on where she always trapped herself and clear on the need for her client to move ahead with the increase, the call resulted in full agreement and acceptance of a raise.


Your purification can come from wanting to do more for others and living on purpose. The key thing in the purification process is that it must be ongoing or else the mind and body get stagnant and create a disruption such as sickness, overeating, lack of clarity, etc.


With energetic purification you are creating the space for the mind, body, business and relationships to have more clarity and peace. Peace is like charming energy, which is highly attractive.


As you have internal clarity and peace you are able to enjoy the journey, seek higher truths and be available to their deeper meaning. This is all more easily attained earlier in life if you are willing to take the risk of purification.


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