Want Or Have A Side Hustle?

There are many talented people out there who are wondering about where to direct their energy. Is their current career as fulfilling as they thought it would be? Could their energy be better spent on a side hustle, something they might be extremely passionate about?

It can be challenging to take a side hustle seriously, especially if it doesn’t make you a “significant amount of money”. Of course, you might have obligations surrounding making sure that your family is financially secure. While this should obviously remain the focus – we all have seen the stories where a side hustle business led to massive success

Creatives, like artists and writers, have thought of their passion as a side hustle until the world recognized their greatness. What is some good advice to consider if you currently have a side hustle or want to pursue one?

Be Realistic

There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about a side hustle, but it’s also important to think realistically about expectations. You shouldn’t expect to be a millionaire overnight simply because you embraced a passion and started a side hustle company.

Many people may have started a band in college, for example. They may have even played some local shows and gotten the attention of record label executives. However, they may have realized that the smartest move was to take their college degree and pursue a career that could be more fruitful. Whatever choice you make regarding your side hustle, make sure that it is as pragmatic as possible.

Do Some Research

It doesn’t matter what industry you are considering or the art form you are passionate about; one thing is for sure: it’s been done before. Even if you have the most unique business idea in the world, you can learn from interviews and speeches from entrepreneurs about the right strategies and approaches they took that led to success.

Ideally, you can find a mentor or coach that can uniquely understand your side hustle. You could potentially even reach out to them through e-mail or phone and ask whether they would be willing to have a conversation with you about what it takes to build a successful side hustle in the industry. Either way, whether it’s reading books, listening to podcasts, or scrolling through blog posts – do some research on your side hustle!

Take It Slow

A side hustle can be an incredible way to do many things: the right side hustle might give you a place for you to channel your energy. It could also allow you to express yourself in a way that you never have before, but it’s also important to recognize that it could affect your mental health.

If your side hustle is writing, then there’s nothing wrong with writing more often in order to get better at your side hustle. However, there’s a serious problem if you prioritize writing over your family and are willing to sacrifice personal relationships to sit in one room and write all day, every day. 

Remember that even the larger players have side hustles

It is a known fact that the Google, Apple, Facebook etc all champion their staffs side hustles and side passions. Some of the most amazing products and social media wins came about from a side hustle. 

A side hustle is something that might feed your soul or your “other” self and it’s a good thing. 

And you must allow that side hustle the honor and attention that anything you’re passionate about to monetize. So the question to ask yourself is … are you ready to have extra income? The next question is are you ready for that income to be more than you might originally have thought?

It might sound like “common sense” to most, but make sure that you are pursuing your side hustle in a healthy way that negatively affects those you care about the most. In many cases, it might be best to pursue a side hustle slowly at first, then begin channeling more energy into your side hustle once you see more results.

Let’s do this!

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